Muslim Anger vs. Extremism

Somehow in our screwed up world, where almost everything political has been turned on its head, there has been a concerted effort by Conservatives, Neo-Conservatives, Neo-Colonists and Israel since that fateful 9/11 demarcation line – and even before that for some – to deliberately confuse the Muslim Religion with Muslim Extremism, Radicalism and/or Terrorism. The effort has been so successful that when Donald Trump took this view to the Nth degree wanting to ban all Muslims from coming to the United States and to spy on all Muslim-Americans in their mosques, schools, places of assembly, cafes and what have you, those same politicians and Extreme Right Wingers who absolutely support his views – overtly or covertly – began falling all over themselves trying to explain and ameliorate the backlash of sheer horror that occurred in the United States and World Wide.

However, once again, Muslims were called upon to deny Extremism, Radicalism, and Terrorism; to explain their religion; to apologize for each and every criminal act committed by any Muslim anywhere; and to practically express their true remorse at having been born into such a violent religion!!!

And, once again, we Arabs/Middle Easterners fell into this totally unjust and inane trap and began denying criminal acts that we have nothing to do with; explaining ourselves and Islam; apologizing to the West and to Christians; and trotting out Koranic verses proclaiming the Peaceful aspects of the religion to counter the Violent verses thrown at us!!!

Not only that, but we began digging into historical annals and going on the Mainstream and Social Media touting our rightful and numerous historical contributions to world civilization in order to refute the criminality of the few amongst us, and, more importantly, to validate our existence as viable members of the human race!!!

So, one morning, after watching the nauseating mainstream news and who said what about Muslims, I decided: No More!!

I don’t want to see one more Arab or Middle Easterner being asked – or, worse: Told – about their violent religion. No more explanations, denials or apologies. Enough already! It is insane to continue doing this as if we are culprits. It is getting us nowhere with Radical Christians and Extremist Jews who will never change their warped minds; it is getting us nowhere with corrupt politicians who will continue to use this wedge issue for their benefit; it is getting us nowhere with a mindless mainstream media that does not believe in spreading the truth, but only promotes gossip, innuendo and sensationalism!

So why the hell bother?

Smart, intelligent human beings of any religion, or any nationality know that we do not need to do that. They have educated themselves enough about Muslims, Islam, Arabs and the Middle East to be able to discern the truth from the lies. Moreover, they know, that if we are to read any religious book we will find verses in them that call for violence. In All Of Them!!! They also know that Christianity and Judaism have contributed their hefty share of violence, extremism and radicalism throughout history and, to this very day, there are Extremist Christians and Jews. They only have to look at Israel to see what Extremist Jews are doing to the Palestinian people, as well as to the surrounding nations; or listen to some of the Trump surrogates and the violence they spew, let alone the innocent Muslims or Muslim look-alikes that they have already violated or killed. Yes, they know. Many do!

What behooves me is that those pushing the anti-Muslim/Islam/Immigrant/Arab agenda do not want to differentiate between criminal acts committed by some Muslims and the Anger amongst most of us Middle Easterners and Arabs (let alone Africans, Asians, Latinos!) at the egregious behavior and foreign policies of the West. And, yes, we are very angry about those policies!

We are very angry when we view the incredible and horrific devastation that has been unjustly wreaked on our world in the name of “democracy and freedom!”

We are very angry when we view with dismay what extreme suffering our people have had to endure – and are still enduring! – in order to advance a Western, racist, bigoted, skewed and unjust agenda that calls us “collateral damage!”

We are very angry when we look into Western colonist history from the Crusades, to the establishment of Israel, to the modern-day Neo-Colonialism that had its inception during the fifties, that exploded with the Iraq War, and, that has not ended yet, and on and on.

It is time for each and every one of us Middle Easterners and Arabs, as well as all those people and nations suffering that similar fate, to explain that there is a HUGE difference between our Anger and the criminal acts of some!

It is time for us to stop explaining, denying, apologizing for the acts of the criminal few and, rather, to begin expressing why we are angry whether we are Muslims, or Christians, and, I can comfortably add, many Jews as well!

And I will begin with myself, for I am as guilty as all my compatriots of trying to explain, deny, apologize and on and on for the criminals amongst us.

No more will I do that!

And I hope you will all join me! I really urge you to do so and not to keep on falling into this absurd trap that gets us nowhere, but rather entangles us even more!

From today on, anyone who attempts to trip me by asking me to deny, apologize, explain any sort of criminal acts committed by any Muslims will get no answer from me.

Rather, I will explain to them why I am an angry Arab-Christian and demand that THEY explain, deny, apologize for the racist, bigoted, unjust, wicked, evil policies of the Israeli Government strategies and the present day Western governments and their foreign policies.

And it is time for all the Western nations to refrain from their short-sightedness and look into their sordid ancient and modern history in order to find out the root causes for our Anger and begin to redress their wicked role in the devastation of our lands, the murder and uprooting of our people, the damage that they have wielded and that is causing our anger.

Enough! Really and truly: ENOUGH!

2 thoughts on “Muslim Anger vs. Extremism”

  1. You’re so right! And as we say in the Arab world and households…”khalas ya3ni KHALAS! Bikkaffi akel khara!” 🙂


  2. Dear Hala, How shall I thank you for saying what no one else is willing to say in the US of A? Keep up the good work! Your short friend, A.

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