Words! Words! More Words!

At first there was the horror! Then we were stunned! Then we were appalled! Then we were offended and wounded to the cores of our beings! And then descended the sorrow, the grief, the flowing tears and the anger! However, we will delay the long-term side effects as much as possible, but they will come at some point! For now, the citizens of Lebanon do not have time to deal with anything other than their immediate predicament. And what a predicament it is!

Unfortunately, this Event that stunned the whole wide world has been in the making since much before 1975 and the onset of the Lebanese Civil War. It began when a Cabal of plotters met and engineered the Devastation of the Middle East which had to begin with the Weakest Link: Lebanon, where it would be easiest to manipulate the country’s Stressors and light the fuse. The evil Cabal succeeded, and fifteen years of bloodshed and crimes later, came Afghanistan, Iraq, and then everything else exploded! This latest Devastating Explosion that Victimized Lebanon once again – yes, once again! – is only the precursor of the misery yet to come on the entire region. The nefarious players in that zone – and they are numerous! –  as well as in the world, are just about to get started. Again!

Words! Words! More Words!

Millions of Words have been spewed, and here I am adding to them! All media outlets across the Planet wrote, analyzed, suggested, predicted, portrayed and went over and over the appalling event again and again and once again. What good will it all do as long as the Evil Intentions persist? As long as the Policy Failures and Political Leadership in most of the World – and especially in Lebanon – lacks the Wisdom, the Honesty and the Integrity to deal with their own Predicaments, let alone Lebanon’s and the Middle East’s? Moreover, there is now an Arena where the World’s Rivaling Powers can attempt to vanquish each other without paying any regard to innocent citizens and to the region’s long-term welfare. We, the people of the Middle East, whether in the region or across the world, are spent and exhausted! We have had Enough! We want Justice, Equality and Peace! Peace! Peace! Enough Agony! Enough Corruption! Enough Devastation! Enough Meddling in our affairs! Enough Words!

Hovering over all of the Disaster in Lebanon there is a Worldwide Pandemic and Worldwide Citizen Unrest crying out against Inequality, Injustice and Corruption that have become, more than ever, a Weapon of Dominance and Subjugation by a White, Supremacist Colonialism that has all the intent to continue its Domination. Were I superstitious, I would say that the Dark Clouds in our skies, though they had been gathering for decades and centuries, rumbled in more ominously ever since Donald Trump walked into the White House to be soon thereafter followed by a violent Virus, both of which together succeeded in the frothing of the scum – that had been already present – to rise up to the surface and create havoc all across the Planet and, specifically on all its Colored Inhabitants. This does not bode well for the People.

Amidst a gallery of unforgettable moments in the world’s album, President Macron’s visit conveyed another Universal Iconic Moment – and it certainly was! There he was: young and good-looking, wearing a black tie in mourning (while Lebanon’s depraved President wore a blue tie! WTF?) that only underscores the whole elegance and refinement of France, taking off his jacket, rolling up his sleeves, talking and listening to “the people,” hugging and tearing up! He did all the right things! He said all the right words! I was very, very touched and so were the Lebanese people, and so was the world! Despite the preciousness of that moment and the breath of fresh air that Macron provided, together with all that it conveyed of compassion, I am not overly optimistic. Yes, the immediate requirements for aid might be met. Yes, that promised aid might succeed in bandaging the wounds. Yes, it might assuage the pain. Yes, it is a much needed immediate palliative. But, no, the humongous work that is needed to put Humpty Dumpty Together Again requires much more than bandages and palliatives. It needs for all the heinous players in the region to leave Lebanon alone, to take their dirty hands off that country! Regrettably, they are not about to do that. Moreover, now that Trump is pushing ahead with his Middle East Peace Plan – and, sadly, without which there is no salvation for Lebanon, or Palestine – we will yet see what more heartache is in store for the region.

Meanwhile, the Sixty Thousand people who signed a petition asking France to exercise a new Mandate over Lebanon know that they cannot be left on their own during this traumatic time; that they need protection in order to have a chance at healing themselves, otherwise, they will continue to be the damn Arena on which the battles of the world’s rivals are fought.

So, yes: Words! Words! More Words! They came from all over the sympathizing world, and were genuinely heartfelt from President Macron, but the issue is much more than poor little Devastated Lebanon. Will there be a real reckoning now? Will all the players agree to cease their evil activities in that little country? Or, will it continue to be the battlefield for all the different wicked agendas? The Lebanese people are heartbrokenly crying for All Concerned to help them in managing their immediate predicament, but, more importantly, to work towards leaving them alone to be the Tiny, Independent, Sovereign, Democratic Republic that not only do they aspire to be, but can most definitely do so. I have doubts that the Powers-That-Be will allow this to happen whether in Lebanon, or across the devastated region, and, therefore, I have a fearful trepidation for the future that is yet to come, a trepidation that is not only for Lebanon, but for our chaotic, war-mongering and increasingly belligerent world, and for a beautiful country and it’s amazingly terrific people! Beirut, and all of Lebanon: Our hearts are bleeding with you!

4 thoughts on “Words! Words! More Words!”

  1. How many times do we have to go through such damn heartache for the middle east, and especially my home country, Lebanon? What is wrong with the world? With humans? I am tempted to say “everything”, but I won’t because giving up and giving in to such hurt at a time when we dare to call ourselves civilized is an unthinkable stance…


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