Rethink It!

These past two weeks I have been feeling as if I am one of the thousands of Extras cast in an Epic Movie, although while watching the ugly Hordes of Attila’s Huns storming our Capitol, I was helpless to rewrite the awful script, recast the horrid actors, or fire the Producer and Director! It has been quite surreal!

The whole world was watching in disbelief and alarm, and I wonder what World Political and Corporate leaders were thinking behind the scenes, away from the microphones and photo ops? Were they worried that the Trump Virus will cross the Atlantic and infest them while anticipating their own Zealots aping the US events? Might any one of them say to themselves: Let’s Rethink It? Let us Rethink that corrupt script with which we have been conducting our affairs on our Nationals, as well as Internationally, for far too long? That script which is causing so much turmoil, anger, insecurity, and inequality all over the world? Yes, different people may express their protestations in different ways; in other parts of the world they might rally under a different umbrella; they might have varying mantras and reasons; but, at the heart of what has been going wrong and driving people to act out in ways that are threatening all of us is the fact that the Political and Corporate Leadership of the World has been failing us dramatically thus leaving the door wide open for Opportunistic Strongmen to step in and pretend they are White Knights! It really is high time to Rethink It!

The demands of people all over the world are really simple:

  1. A Decent Job that can provide them and their families with Dignity and Self Respect.
  2. Short of a Decent Job, providing a Living Wage through which human beings can pay for sustenance  and a roof over their heads.
  3. Guaranteed Medical Care.
  4. Equality and Justice across the board.
  5. An Environment that provides clean air, clean water and organic sustainable foods so that they won’t succumb to avoidable diseases.

It is Really, Really Simple and Achievable, if only there was a moral Political and Corporate Leadership with a willingness to serve the People before they continue serving themselves and the institutions they have erected to support their selfish, greedy and arrogant endeavors.

As Attila’s Huns went on their anarchist rampage, I thought of all those other Protestors worldwide. Throughout our modern history when People’s Discontent flowed onto the streets there were those with pure intentions and valid demands who were inevitably joined by those with bad intentions, with infiltrators, with rebels-without-a-cause who are in it for the thrill, and with other hangers-on and bad actors. It has happened in all the protestations and revolutions that I have been witnessing throughout my life. What happened in Washington, DC was no different. I am absolutely certain that of the 74 million (or so) who voted for Trump – whether it is because they are die-hard Republicans, or Conservatives, or because they approved of some of the things that he said and did – most were appalled and repulsed at the horrific nightmare evolving in the heart of the democratic world. Nevertheless, it is the nature of coexistence and the essence of conciliation not to exclude them from the nation’s catharsis going forward, despite their misguided, racist, supremacist and fascist thinking.

At the end of the day, the democratic world has mostly embraced multiculturalism rendering extremism and extremists out of fashion and not tolerated anymore except by dictators, strongmen and the henchmen that advance their sordid agendas, such as we have been witnessing in Washington, DC as well as elsewhere. Ordinary people have had enough violence and hate in all their wicked forms. More than at any time previously, it seems that this is becoming a lawless world, a dangerous world, a world where many are in it for themselves regardless of consequences, and their role models, unfortunately, are the corrupt leadership on every level of society! This has to change right away, because, obviously, corruption has been trickling down!

Last weekend, my daughters, granddaughter and I took a drive down to Washington, DC. We drove all over so excited by landmarks that we used to frequent, places we used to work, or have activist meetings and events at, and the theaters and nightclubs that provided terrific entertainment. We were feeling nostalgic for a past during which we enjoyed so many aspects of our Capital. We felt pride in belonging at such close proximity to what has become the world’s symbol of freedom and democracy, a symbol that  the glaringly immature Attila’s Hordes wanted to eradicate in order to replace it with a racist, fascist, uncivilized regime. How embarrassing! How shameful! How very sad! For myself, and the many immigrants like me who had self-exiled due to strife, insecurity and lawlessness in our home countries, it is even more sad and disconcerting.

Lastly, let me just state that I hope Amtrak-Joe (one of Biden’s aliases according to some who have witnessed him riding the train – and not a limo – from Delaware to DC for umpteen years) will disappear from my television and just do his job as humbly and unobtrusively as he rode Amtrak; that he will Not Twitter at all; that he will do something about the inexcusable Supreme Court decision that “Corporations are People” which has corrupted and tainted all our political process; that there be no scandals, or dramas to raise my blood pressure every morning while giving the MSM actors and stuffed shirts – who have been royally profiting from Trump’s Presidency, – ammunition with which to continue bombarding me with their emoting, sensationalism, bias and feigned indignation! I hope Biden will just continue being a Nice Guy and play Nice with the rest of the world, because the whole planet needs a reprieve; a recess, a pause to recuperate while it heals itself from a draconian climate onslaught; a lethal Virus that is continuing to ravage it; and a whole lot of mourning, grief and insecurity that is gnawing at its very core, as well as an unsettling sense for its billions of humans that Equality and Justice are only meant for the Chosen Few! That’s just not right, not fair, not moral, not humane, not democratic! Unacceptable!

From Palestine to Kashmir, from Venezuela to Lebanon, and from London to the US human beings are simply exhausted by not being heard, acknowledged, addressed. It is reprehensible, unfathomable and uncivilized. It has got to change! I cannot change it. You cannot change it. The Power of Responsible and Ethical Political, Corporate, Religious and Media Leadership must lead the way and Rethink It! Rethink the whole way we have been dealing with each other as people, as nations and as a planet. They must have the Courage to call out Corruption wherever they see it – and we have had quite a few Brave and Moral Heroes and Heroines who have done exactly that recently. May their numbers multiply! Meanwhile, let us all Rethink It while fervently hoping that the next week in our nation will go by without Attila’s Huns bloodying us all!

Stay Safe and Stay Strong!


Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

2020 is coming to an end, and what a relief it is for a year that hit the Planet like the worst cyclone ever as it ravaged all that was in its way! Of course, the fact that it is ending does not mean that the cyclone has abated for we will all be dealing – and for years to come, if not decades – with the after-effects of a lethal Pandemic, and more to come; of Economic Stress and Disasters; of Climate Change that will affect every aspect of life on earth; of Inept and Corrupt Political and Religious Leaders wrapped up in their self-serving bubbles; of the Rats who followed the Pied Piper as he led them off the cliff; of Inequality and Injustice galore; Political Hierarchies that continue to lie, to cheat, to manipulate, to skim every penny they can from the people, while padding their own wallets – the disgusting US Mile High Stimulus Packages being an excellent example of this; a Billionaire Class worldwide that continues to live in gated communities caring nothing for the people who have enabled their riches and filled their coffers and on and on! Yes, 2020 might be coming to an end, but not so the Planet’s Catastrophes.

These past two weeks, and as is my tradition every end of year, I go through everything in my home: all my paperwork, my files, my pictures, my drawers, my closets, pantry, refrigerator, on top of the shelf and under the sofas and chairs. I trash, I shred, I dust, I clean until I am satisfied that all is in spic and span and organized order. Only after doing all that do I feel that I’m ready to face whatever the New Year of 2021 will bring to myself and to the world. It is a very satisfying feeling, although this year, more than any other, I wish that I can clean up, organize and disinfect the world too!


Thumbs Up:  For the American Democratic System of Government (although since 9/11, especially, it has often seemed more like a fading illusion) that has proven it works albeit with its humongous flaws, imperfections, shortcomings, hypocrisy and cacophony of irrelevant political and religious leaders spewing nonsense. Nevertheless, it is a system worth preserving, chiseling, upholding and celebrating!

Thumbs Down: For the liars, haters, bigots, racists and uninformed millions, and for the evil political and religious sycophants and spineless supporters of Strongmen whomever and wherever they happen to be on our Planet.

Thumbs Up: For the honest and honorable Journalists and Activists (many of whom have been killed), Writers, and Whistle-blowers who continue to work, investigate, probe and ring the alarm bells about the malfeasance going on in our systems across the world. They are Heroes!

Thumbs Down: For all Journalists and Writers who use their pens and their voices to be the echo chamber of the ruling and corporate class perpetuating the lies and promoting the hypocrisy as they opine, emote and spew so much nonsense. They have no Conscience!

Thumbs Up: For all who believe that unless we seriously tackle the issues of Climate we are dooming ourselves and this Planet.

Thumbs Down: For all ignorant, negligent and uninformed Climate Deniers, and for Corporations – especially the food industry – who are not switching to recyclable packaging, renewables and organic products, but would rather sicken the people as they reap in more profits. They are the worst immoral polluters!

Thumbs Up: For all Organizations standing up for the Colonized wherever they may be on our planet and for all the millions of minorities and occupied humans demanding Equality and Justice all across this world. They are Heroes!

Thumbs Down: For all International Organizations and Bodies who continue to support the ongoing Colonialism, and who are consolidating their Powers and Economic Survival at the expense of other humans. They are Shameless!

Thumbs Up: For All Decent and Honorable human beings, and American Congress/Senate/Government men and women who’s only agenda is to serve the People and the Country. We need so many more like them them all around the world!

Thumbs Down: For all the Dinosaurs, On the Left and on the Right in our government and all other governments across the world clinging to power by their corrupt and rotten teeth. A pox on all of them for the suffering they are causing to their people!

Regarding the new Biden-Harris Administration about which I have reserved judgement so far, because, in all fairness, we have to give them a chance. We have to allow them to wrap their minds and efforts around the enormous problems that they have to deal with. And, enormous might be an understatement! Moreover, although “normal” is a very low bar that  many of us are yearning for, it is far better than the chaos we have been in.  The Incoming Administration has to deal with the myriad problems facing these United States, as well as the worldwide catastrophes. I am hoping that they will rise above the usual passé cold-war mentality with its belligerent and antagonistic swaggering approach to the world and choose instead to foster cooperation, coexistence, coordination and peaceful resolutions. I hope that Biden would call for a Summit Meeting of world powers in order to design better standards and regulations, including rules regarding cybercrimes, hacking (despite the latest viciously dangerous hack on our government no matter who was behind it) and espionage, which we, and many other countries have regularly indulged in. Yes, we have! There is no Sainte Nitouche in these malicious and dangerous games! They just have to stop! So let us cut out the hypocrisy, fake denials and double standards and find a solution!

Equality and Justice begin here at home with our own citizens before we lecture and threaten those other nations who do not apply that same Equality and Justice to their people. Moreover, Equality and Justice must apply to All People across this world if they are ever to mean anything other than being empty and hollow words. Nor can we continue to point the finger at others while we do exactly – exactly! – that for which we blame them. Why do we point our fingers at other nations for the way they treat their minorities when we haven’t done so much better with our Native American, Black and Brown people? Why do we decry extra judicial murders by other nations when we have committed and/or abetted such crimes ourselves? Why do we continue to talk Peace when we are waging Wars? Why do we persevere in treating this world as our private domain and its people as our vassals when we condemn other nations for desiring the same hegemony? Is there a Gold Standard here, or does it go by the whim of whomever is conveniently deciding? Are we dealing with Facts, or Propaganda? Reality, or Illusions? We have to sort out all these issues honestly if we are ever to have a more peaceful world. This Lethal Virus has exposed so much scum that was hidden behind the Glitz and Glamour – Hypocrisy, Double Standards and Arrogance being a few of them! People have had enough! Let’s change that decadent formula! It is doable! It can be done if there are open minds and good intentions. Let’s do it then!

Welcome 2021! Happy New Year World!