Anything Goes?

I have to begin today’s post by giving a Shout Out and Thank You to Every Single Person Who Worked on our Elections! All of them! I volunteered as an Election Officer for several years, and while I enjoyed it tremendously, I have to admit that it is hard and long work! These days, it has also become dangerous! So, again, Thank You!

It certainly does not seem that Anything Goes as these Midterm Elections have proven! Phew! It was such a Huge Relief to find out that Sanity, Reason, Logic and Democracy prevailed – by a hair width! – and that the Extremists were told Off! So, while we should not be putting up the: All Clear Signs yet, it was, nevertheless, a repudiation of Anything Goes!

On that note, Humanity has been witnessing the sale of Snake Oil and Bogus Elixirs Forever. It is nothing new, nevertheless, there are still instances of these unscrupulous behaviors and actions that are very shocking, such as January 6th. in these United States! Moreover, they are no more the purview of the few Slick Salesmen here and there, they are also encroaching onto the many Corrupt Political Actors, Professions, Professionals and, especially, the Ignoble Call Centers, Internet Scammers, Hackers, Social Media Predators and the list goes on and on and on! Anything Goes for such characters it seems! Anything and Everything! This has got to Stop! Our Political System, our Media and our Corporations have got to clean up their act and work For The People, and Social Media Providers have to – they must! – rethink their pitiful and dangerous platforms!

However, while it seems that the American People, overall, have sent a strong message to the Extremists and the Slick Snake Oil Salespeople amongst our citizens in that they have Chosen Democracy over Authoritarianism, the work is not over! I say this in particular about all the Christian, White, Supremacist Republicans who believe that the United States is their Fiefdom, that they are its Feudal Lords, and that the rest of us are their Vassals, as well as to all those who overtly, or covertly, support their views from the Fossilized Democratic Party! 

So, here’s my Wish List for President Joe Biden going forth:

Our President has received a whole lot of flak from the Media; Republicans and even some in his Democratic Party. While holding Anyone Accountable is one of the Tenets of a Democracy, much of that criticism was just Media Fodder a la Evil Rupert Murdoch! Pure Nonsense! And, yes, I am known to be very generous with my criticism, however, despite all that he is up against – domestically and internationally – this President has done quite well, and, yes, he should run again!!

On Foreign Affairs, my Main Beef with the President is Ukraine and that terribly ill-advised War! It has got to End Pronto by giving All Concerned a Reasonable and Acceptable Exit Option, even if Zelenskyy has to be dragged to the Peace Table, as well as to stop listening to the Cold War, Outdated, Blood-thirsty Fossilized Hawks in the US who promoted this ill-advised War to begin with, and which Biden went along with because he has always supported our wars! This has got to end!

As to other Foreign Affairs, the Biden Administration expressed its reservations regarding the success of Bibi and the Extremist Right Elections in Israel. I sincerely hope that they do not allow AIPAC to change their minds as they have been doing since 1948 and even prior to that! Trust me, American Jews do not agree with AIPAC anymore – especially the younger ones, and, more especially, because they are Totally Averse to the Anti-Semitism that has reared its ugly, ignoble head again encouraged by Extremists from All, and Any Side, and whether it is directed at the Jewish People, or the Palestinian People! Enough of that already! Enough intimidation, criminalization, terrorization, incarceration, expropriation of land and trampling on all the Human and Legal Rights of the Palestinians who are simply demanding their Freedom from an Evil Occupation! We cannot support Freedom and Democracy in Ukraine and Elsewhere while denying the Palestinian People the same! That is blatant Hypocrisy and Racism! We have been speaking on this subject from both sides of our bigoted mouths for far too long! This must end!

President Joe Biden has two more years before the next elections to do his utmost best – despite all the Republican Rancor, Maliciousness and Contrariness – to have a Huddle with our NATO, G-7, G-20, and other Allies and make a decision to Promote Peace amongst the Nations of the World and a Civilized Discussion on Issues of Contention rather than the Meddling, Saber-rattling, Rambo Style Confrontations that have been our “My Way, or the Highway” Foreign Policy! Enough of that, too, especially that it is Only Innocent Human Beings who have paid the highest price for all these uncivilized doings and war-mongering!

I also wish that Democrats will do Whatever They Need To Do to Straighten Up the Disgrace that is our Shameful Supreme Court! It has become the Anti-thesis of a Democracy!

I also hope that President Biden will follow Bernie Sanders and his calls to Rein In Corporate Greed and Runaway Capitalism that are wreaking havoc in our Economy; Increasing Crime and all sorts of Societal Ills; Hurting the Left, the Right and the Middle! It cannot continue to be Anything Goes anymore! And, No, this is Not Socialism! It is simply Civilized!

Finally, whether it is our Rivals, or our Allies we are being closely monitored by a world that is frothing and flailing due to so many reasons, and how we conduct ourselves in this country should be The Biggest Incentive for all of us to stop the Extremists amongst us, to uphold our Democratic Institutions – badly in need of repair as they are – and to end the Rancor, Drama, Violence and Divisiveness that will only Destroy this Democracy that the whole world is Watching and Assessing! So we can either decide to Inspire The World, or . . . I don’t even want to go there!

Anything Goes? No! Enough!


Do, or Die Time!

Ever since I arrived to the United States in 1981, every Mid-term, or Presidential Election was the: Do, or Die Time! The constant message has been that we either elect this, or that, or the other candidate or else we are done for, the country will collapse and all hell will break loose! The Sensationalist Yentas of the Mainstream Media hype up Election Events – as they do all other Events – and become agitated, breathless and hyperventilating all over the place. Meanwhile, most people are just going about their lives oblivious to the resounding alarms that this is it! This is: Do, or Die Time! Actually, it is Not! Throughout every Election that I have witnessed, most of the Candidates remain the old, fossilized Politicians, entrenched in their Capitol Hill Offices with hardly Any Change other than the Superfluous in their Policies. How on earth do we continue to reelect them? One President Exits the stage after enacting some New Laws, Rules, or Regulations, another one from the Opposing Party Enters and Upends most of what his Predecessor had done and so it goes! Taxes Up, Taxes Down . . . who the hell knows anymore? Round and Round while the Real People’s Concerns and Issues remain languishing, festering, unresolved! If that wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be in this conundrum that we are in! And, barely is the Election over when the Politicians retire under the Capitol Hill Dome and begin divvying up the Spoils of War: raising their wages and perks in the middle of the night while we are all sleeping; huddling with the thousands of lobbyists clamoring at their doors waiting to write the three and four hundred paged bills that hardly any politician reads (I cringe when I think of how many trees are sacrificed!), but simply signs off on as they watch their coffers expand and as they call up their financial advisors to buy the stocks that the upcoming bill will benefit; giving talks, writing books, schmoozing with the influential, making those coveted television appearances! I guarantee you that there would not have been so much discontent in the nation from both the Left, the Middle and the Right had they been paying more attention to the People’s Issues rather than their own Selfish Concerns! It is quite sad!

Frankly, I think this nation owes Donald Trump a Debt of Gratitude for managing to uncover the lid and unveil so much scum that has been swirling about for decades, and that none of us paid any real attention to, especially the Mainstream Media that is supposed to look out for the People and hold Politicians to Account. Fat chance that this would really happen! Moreover, as long as Money is the Corrupting Driving Force behind our Politics – the amounts that have been poured into this election are nauseating! – the People will be left behind. All The people! It is not that No one should be making money. Certainly, we all need to make money: Corporations do; Politicians do, Everyone does! However, there is Reasonable and Acceptable, and then there is Merciless Greed and Profiteering at the Expense of Everything and Everyone Else ensuing in Political Corruption; Proliferation of Drugs and all aspects of the Drug Trade; Trafficking in Humans, Guns and Everything Else! The Motto seems to be: I’ll do Anything for Power and Money. Ethics and Morality be Damned! And thus it plays out  touching and contaminating all of our lives. The Fact that Climate Change does not affect Blue States more than Red; that Pandemics do not attack Republicans, but not Democrats; that Poverty, Joblessness and Homelessness are not hallmarks of the Left and not the Right; that this deep sense of Insecurity that we are All feeling is not Socialist, or Capitalist; that we have been let down by inept leadership is not a question of which Party we belong to, but that All of Us are targets for these adversities and societal ills. 

However, they are saying that this Mid-term Election is different; that this time it really is Do, or Die Time; that the choice is between a Democratic Republic or an Authoritarian Regime. Honestly, I don’t know about that. There is no doubt that the White, Christian, Supremacist, Greedy, Arrogant, Power-hungry contingent in our nation, as well as their ignorant, malleable  minions, has never been as overtly virulent as it has been recently. Will their version of the US of A prevail? We will find out soon enough. However, even should they succeed, the American People, as a whole, will eventually – eventually, eventually! – find their Mojo, realize that they were used and demand a Democratic, Just government where there is Equality and Fairness in addressing All Citizens’ Concerns. How long will it take for this to occur? I cannot read the tea leaves. I simply know that it will, because, I guess, Hope Springs Eternal? Although judging from our human traits since Abraham, nothing much has changed, except maybe, we have become even more vicious! Quite terrible!

Meanwhile, Vote! Vote for Ethical, Moral Humans not only for the Mid-term Elections or Presidential Elections, but for Every Election from your School Board to the Sheriff to Every Single One of Them!

Good luck, America! You, and all of Us, are going to need a whole lot of it on every level, plus a massive dose of Chill Pills to get us through all this horrible mess!