Well, Well, I Say Old Chap!

We woke up on July 7th. to the News that Boris the Bozo was resigning from being the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister! Well! Well! It seemed to me and to so many others that British Conservatives have much more Gumption than our own US Radical Republicans, doesn’t it? Quite Embarrassing, I would say, for The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave! Tsk! Tsk!

The United Kingdom – changing its name like a chameleon changes its colors – was once known as The British Empire with its Menacing Tentacles all over the World, and after the demise of that Colonist Enterprise it became Great Britain, then the United Kingdom which seems to be shrinking even more as previous Colonies are declaring their Freedom from The Commonwealth and as Scotland announced its intent to becoming independent with Ireland likely to follow thereafter. I Say Old Chap, what would you be calling your shrinking “Firm” then? Tsk! Tsk!

The Brits, carried away with a disinformation campaign against Jeremy Corbyn whom they slandered as a Communist and an Anti-Semite – Totally Untrue – chose Boris instead and look where that got them! And, the United States chose to slander one of my favorite Humans, Bernie Sanders, calling him a Radical Socialist amongst other untrue adjectives (they can’t call him an Anti-Semite after all, because he is Jewish), while the main culprits for bypassing him were Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Democratic Party Hierarchy that ended up bringing us – amongst other reasons –  Donald Trump, and look where that got us! Tsk! Tsk!

However, my beef with the British Empire is that it caused a whole lot of Egregious Grief to my Grandparents, my Parents, the Palestinian People and Myself since with Arrogance and a Supremacist Sense of Entitlement it chose to Give Away Our Land, Palestine, to the Israeli Government thus ensuring that a Debt of Gratitude was Owed to them – and, thereafter, to the United States – by the Jewish People who were now guaranteed to be an everlasting Ally in the midst of all those Arabs and their Oil! Moreover, with the recent Abraham Accords going full speed ahead and all our Arab Brethren lining up to sign on, that unjust Colonist Misdeed has been sealed and blessed by all except the poor Palestinians! How much more Injustice can there be? Tsk! Tsk!

Despite all the Events – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! – since then and to date, the History of the World continues marching on finding us today grappling with a Humongous Host of Worldwide Issues that threaten our Very Existence whether we talk of Climate Change, Immigration, Uprooting, Wars, ongoing and future Pandemics, or the glaring and massive gap between Rich and Poor that threatens to cause worldwide disruptions etc. etc. Therefore, the few years ahead – if not more – will be dangerous, tragic, disheartening and dismal, to say the least. As if all that weren’t enough, here in the Teenaged-Continent of the World, we seem to be experiencing Growing Up Pains, a Massive Temper Tantrum and even a Nervous Breakdown that is Embarrassing, as well as Dangerous. Moreover, this ongoing confrontation with President Putin, which by the analysis of increasing numbers of People, seems to have unveiled that we, the United States, have been complicit in choreographing events as we have been arming, training and supplying Ukraine with Intel that would assist them in spearheading that terrible war which we are willing to wage “to the last Ukrainian!” This could have been avoided. Absolutely it could have! We have, of course, been playing God all over the world with our meddling everywhere that has resulted in more and more people and nations being wary of supporting us and our foreign adventures. They do not Trust us, not the people, not many foreign leaders, and not even our reluctant European allies dragging their feet despite the photo ops and choreography depicting how chummy we are with all of them! Continuing on this path of insisting on remaking the world in our own image while disregarding and demonizing Any Nation, or Leader who does not see eye to eye with us is a failing and very dangerous policy. Moreover, we seem to Conjure Up the Confrontations, Write the Hollywood-style scripts, Ignite the flames and then blame Everyone else for being Aggressive! How does that compute? Especially, that after Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. etc. our methodology has become quite glaringly see-through! So, until when will we continue playing with fire?

I heard a gentleman on C-Span asking the host of the show: Why are we in Ukraine? Why have we spent all those Billions, with more to come, when we have humongous domestic problems and a traumatized population due to Mass Shootings, the Lethal Virus, Trumpism, Homelessness, Addiction to Toxic Drugs and so much more that are pressing and that can be solved, but that are not being addressed by a corrupt political hierarchy catering to itself, its interests, its fiefdoms and its war-mongering appetite rather than to the needs of the American People?? We are a nation in need of Serious Therapy on multi levels! How then would people be behaving like good citizens, not succumbing to conspiracy theories and disinformation, and trusting of their institutions? Case in point of how depraved we are is the President’s visit to kiss the hem of MBS’ aba, just as the previous President Trump did and as do All Our Presidents. Biden says it is in “Our National Interest!” Really? Was he saying that with a straight face? Our Hypocrisy, supported by the Outrageous Complicity of most of our war-mongering, duplicitous Media, has become truly nauseating!! All this will not end well! It simply cannot do so, and herein lies the Tragedy – a Tragedy that could be avoided if there were Selfless, Wise Politicians and an Honest Media!

Do Russia, or China, whom we are constantly vilifying and demonizing, have their own aspirations of how to dominate our world? They might. I don’t know! Are they meddling in our country and others through cyber, trade and any other means at their disposal? They are! Of course, they are! Why not? What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander! It doesn’t have to be this way! There are alternatives that all those Passé Mindsets cannot see! How sad!

Meanwhile the latest Uber scandal depicts exactly what is wrong with our World! This symbiosis between Malevolent Corporations, Corrupt Politicians, Media Honchos and Billionaires of Every Nation is harming every aspect of our existence! Money Talks, Integrity Walks! This is sadly true amongst People, as well as Nations! There will be No Justice, No Equality, No End to Every Divisive Issue across the World until there is Honesty, Transparency and Accountability by all of the above!


Here We Come, Rehoboth!

Yes! Here we come, Rehoboth! We haven’t had the pleasure for the past two Lethal Virus years, however, this year we decided that we absolutely needed a vacation! We rented a house, packed our clothes, piled up the car and at nine o’clock in the morning off we went! Woo-hoo!

The trip is about four hours long from Northern Virginia – depending on your location – to Rehoboth, Delaware. So, after all the morning coffees and teas, a pit stop was necessary, and for old woman me it was essential! There are no decent Rest Stops on our route such as there are on the Interstate we usually drive to New York, therefore, we had to make do with the McDonald’s facilities where the kids bought some goodies, we bought coffee and then used the bathroom. It was a disaster zone, and I am pretty sure it wasn’t the fault of the employees who had to keep it clean. It was mostly the patrons! Have they no bathrooms in their homes? Do they have to throw toilet paper and paper towels on the floors when there are available trash cans? Must they pee all around the bowl, and on the seat? It was disgusting and uncivilized! And, can McDonald’s not afford to hire an attendant who can Clean and Disinfect their toilets periodically during the day? I would certainly think so! On the way back from Rehoboth, we stopped at a Starbucks for coffee and facilities. It was in a better condition, though they, too, could do with an attendant to maintain proper hygiene! Goodness! Neither of them is hurting for money, but they do have the pervasive quality of greed that is destroying this nation!

Rehoboth is a bustling little city, as usual, though not as crowded as it is in July and August when we had planned our vacations in previous years. Very, very few people wore masks, but we did whenever we stepped into one of the shops, however, we planned and enjoyed our meals at the restaurants where there were maskless outside tables, and many of those establishments had adjusted to our Virus Reality and created those spaces. Moreover, just not having to shop, clean and cook our meals was simply heavenly, and made restaurants all the more enjoyable, notwithstanding the fact that prices have gone up, and quality of food has gone down!

The little city that this resort has become is not unlike many little towns and resorts across these United States, and, really, in worldwide touristic destinations. There are year-round residents and there are the tourists, or vacationers like ourselves. There is also a fascinating infra-structure built around the vacation rental homes, which are plentiful! For instance: one morning, sitting on our patio that looked out to the street, we saw a lovely young woman and her son on their bikes. We chatted. Apparently she has a business that she started about a decade ago and that had thirty customers to begin with, and nowadays has about four hundred. That business entails going around each of the rental homes that the company overseeing them contracted her for, wheel out the rubbish and recycling bins on the assigned pickup days in the early morning, and wheel them back in during the evening. The purpose of this assignment is that many renters forget, or disregard their rubbish chore creating a headache for the rental and trash/recycling companies. Voila! A business was thus created! There are quite a few such small enterprises that have sprung up around rentals. It’s really interesting how opportunities arise and families are sustained!

True to form, I took time off and watched the Congressional Hearings as my family were teasing me for being such a political junkie even when on vacation! C’est la vie! One thought that kept on recurring as I followed the proceedings was that the die-hard Trumpists will not change their minds. They just won’t! I doubt that they realize that he was only Used by the Plotters who have been working on a sick Ideology for a few decades! Also, there must be quite a few Republicans/Conservatives who, as they watch the Hearings, might come to the realization that Trump took them for a ride, and preyed on their corrupt gullibility, however, many of them will never admit this in order not to embarrass themselves with their families/friends and lose face for being saps who were used and manipulated. I have seen this happen so often in my life, especially during times of crisis in the Middle East when people took sides, became agitated, argued vehemently and defended their stance with passion only to find out after all the dust had settled that they had been manipulated. Frankly, it has sadly happened to me too on occasion. We are all: Left, Right and Center liable to behave that way sometimes, and quite reluctant to admit that we were wrong. That damn obdurate human nature of ours! Moreover, and more interestingly, what the Hearings depicted is that despite all our bitching about the corrupt elements working in our government – and there are many – the majority of those civil servants are ethical, moral, conscientious and dedicated human beings. That is indeed very heartening!

Anyway, on Friday, June 17 we saw a helicopter circling above the Rehoboth skies.

“Biden and Jill are spending the weekend here,” says daughter.

“Will you take me to his house?” I ask.

“What for?”

“I just want to have a word, or two with him.”

“You think the Secret Service will allow you?” says pragmatic younger daughter.

“Why not? I am an old, harmless, unarmed woman.”

“Hah,” she says mockingly, “and if you insist and persist you’ll be whisked off to Guantanamo!”

“They haven’t shuttered that up yet!???” I ask, mockingly!

“No. Anyway, what would you say to him?”

“Quite a few things! Oh! Quite a few! But, I will start by telling him not to mind the flak he’s getting from our so-called journalists, commentators, pundits etc. and, especially, that Rupert Murdoch – what an evil man! –  station! How I ever – ever! – thought Tucker was a cute guy I have no idea! (Regrettably, I’ve made small misjudgments like this here and there during my eight years of blogging!) I will also tell Biden that he came upon a United States, and a World, really, that are in total dysfunction and not entirely through his own making! Not that I won’t tell him what I think he Should be doing domestically, and internationally, because I have quite a bit to say about all that!” Daughters scoffed at me! Dream on, they said facetiously.

However, no sooner had we returned from vacationing, with spirits and energy restored, a humongous miasma descended upon the US: The Supreme Court handed down its two macabre decisions regarding Guns and Abortion and to my horror, the horror of the nation and the world, we have again demonstrated that we are sinking into an Authoritarian, Racist, White, Christian, Colonist Republic that is frightening and dangerous! We are being Talibanized! Tragic!

Nota Bene: I reread my blog on “Abortion” dated 2/28/2015. Appropriate then and, especially now!