List of Published Articles

1990 April — Washington Report on the Middle East
Breaking Bread with my Enemy Page 28
Reprinted 1997 in: Seeing the Light: Personal Encounters With the
Middle East & Islam a Book By: Richard Curtiss & Janet McMahon

1991 March — The Plain Truth/Volume 56 No. 3
A Condescending Attitude

1991 Spring Issue — BRIDGES Magazine
Our Shared Land and Destiny Page 47

1991 Summer — Update
Published By: RNEW (Religious Network for Equality for Women)
A Trail of Tragedies

1992 January/February
The Communicator
Re-Published By: Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation Newsletter
A Trail of Tragedies — Page 7

1992 April 9 — the Milwaukee Journal
In My Opinion: Jewish/Palestinian Women Join to Explore Peace
Prospects By: Esther Leah Ritz & Hala Deeb Jabbour

The Arduous Road to Peace
Ms. Magazine
1993 September/October Issue

1994 Book Chapter — Women in Exile by: Mahnaz Afkhami
An Answer Waiting for a Question Page 50

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