Reading Therapy

Reading is one of my Prime Therapies, as I will avidly devour a book, a pamphlet, a comic, a magazine, or anything that I can read. This Relationship between me and any printed material has been going on since I was a child. It has Never changed, unlike other proclivities that I have Updated, Changed, or completely Chucked over time for being totally useless as I Evolved with Age, Time and Experience. Recently though, I have been reading 86 (Eighty Six) by Asato Asato with illustrations by Shirabii, the genre being described as a: Teen and Young Adult Light Novel. Being that I am neither a Teen, nor a Young Adult one might unsurprisingly ask: Why, with the most fantastic array of books out there, would this old woman be interested in that one?

Good question! Well, for one thing I am fascinated with Japanese Anime Art and Videos that my grandson introduced me to, a style that 86 follows. Moreover, in checking out the jacket of the book I read that it dealt with Empires, Wars, Drones, Oppression, Racism, Authoritarianism etc., subjects that are right up my alley and that are very apropos for these very scary and extremely dangerous times we are living in! It was a fascinating read, and I will probably line it up on my bookshelf along with Brave New World, Animal Farm, 1984 and The Handmaid’s Tale. It will fit there very comfortably!

Most Books, whether they are Novels such as the ones mentioned above, or Historical Analysis and Observations, or Documentaries that Bear Witness are meant to tell us something, to alert us, to impel and inspire us to make a connection between their subject matter and current events. However, there is a dearth of Human Memory and Inference these days and a Corrupt, Willfully Blind, and/or Ignorant Bought-and-Paid For Media that provides No Context to their Sanitized, Cherry-picked News! In fact, it seems that the Media are fully aware that Sheeple have hardly any Memories, Historical Knowledge, or Analytical Abilities and rather than provide those, their dismal greed promotes them to hype up divisiveness and sensationalism. In other words, they can get away with gaslighting the general population and encouraging the Extremists amongst those as they have been doing, especially during the past several years. Shameless! 86 depicts how Authoritarian Regimes can do that, and we only have to look around our Globe at Democracies, as well as Dictatorships, to see how successfully that is being applied. Nevertheless, and despite such Deceptive Measures in this day and age it is very Difficult, if not Impossible, to keep the lid on Anything. Sooner, or later the Truth wends its way out of the Darkness as Investigative Journalists, Honest Writers and Moral Whistleblowers amongst other Ethical Humans convey that Truth through different channels at their disposal, but that, unfortunately, remain perused by the very few. Sometimes, as in the case of the January 6th. Committee, and all the Witnesses they had gathered, that Truth is displayed Publicly and for all to See and Hear. That is a Good Thing, a Very Good Thing!

One important finding that was revealed by the Trump Administration and the January 6th. Hearings is how little many Americans understand what Democracy and Freedom truly are and what Political Maturity and Acumen are all about. Until that changes, and until Humans Evolve enough to change that miserable condition, we, Ordinary People, will continue to be regarded as Collectively Insignificant by all the “Powerful,” the Monied, the Corporations, Media Outlets and Personalities who are Manipulating us to their heart’s content! Meanwhile, and just by watching some of the Speeches going on at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) Conference in Texas recently, one can easily Infer that Entitled Elites, such as the Political Leaders of the Republican/Conservative Party are talking of False, Drummed Up Ideals and Unattainable Goals that the Average Republican/Conservative/Rightwing Sheeple are led to believe is their Only Salvation, and the Only Way through which they Will be Prosperous, Safe and Happy. Sheer Hypocritical Baloney, of course any way you slice it and dice it, but nevertheless, extremely dangerous, irresponsible and blatant gaslighting and manipulation. It has become all the more dangerous after the FBI raided Trump’s residence and hauled off what sounds like enough material to indict him, and while his ardent followers are ready to load and cock their guns and go to War in his defense! Terrifying! It makes me think back on the Great Author Chalmers Johnson who wrote an incredible analysis of America in his book, which I have referred to previously on this site: The Sorrows of Empire, where in one passage he suggests that anyone who can buy a condo in Canada might be better off moving there than remaining in a United States that is, basically, destroying itself! Miserable and Utterly Sad! Will there be enough American Humans to Vote Out those promoting Deceit and Violence, as well as all those who are rallying their Zealots to War? Will there be enough True Patriots to stand up and say that they will not be Sheeple and Adamantly Refuse to go along with Violence so as to Alter that Menacing Trajectory? I truly and fearfully wonder, because this is a time like No Other when we all need to forget all our Gripes, Criticism and Bitching and stand up for the country! There are more than enough fires all around the world, enough unrest, enough wars, enough crime, enough violence and enough threatening diseases and pandemics that we need to put out fires not fan their savage flames! Not now! Not at this perilous juncture! Not if we have an ounce of sanity!

Now I need another good book, and a glass of wine to drown my own Sorrows, as well as The Sorrows of Empire!!



Our entire lives are based on Relationships: with our Parents, Partners, Children, Friends, Neighbors, Coworkers, and Every Person with whom we Interact Daily, Weekly, Yearly or Sporadically. Were it not for these Personal Relationships throughout time we would not have been able to Exist, or Coexist. The same goes for our Relationships with our Communities, Villages, Towns, Countries, and All Those Other Countries. Can we agree on that, or does it need another Debate that will be Warped and Politicized, especially by our vaunted Media, like all our myriads of issues??

Somehow, and perhaps it all goes back to about the beginnings of the Twentieth Century when the Entire Planet began having Serious Convulsions. Certainly, and throughout our Evolution, we had witnessed Wars, Poverty, Crime and All Sorts of Evils that you can think of. I have often said on this site that Moses went up to the mountain, communicated with God who sent him The Tablets with all the Dos and Donts that he took down to his Sinful People in order to Straighten them out and he did not succeed, neither did Any Prophet after him succeed either! And, here we are still grappling with what is Right and what is Wrong; Killing Each Other; Allowing Greed to be our god and, in the process screwing up Nature and all its Inhabitants! Our Planet had also been through Periods of Peace, Calm, Progress and Incredible Inventions. However, it seems as if Advancements, as well as Catastrophes had always been contained within certain communities and regions of the World and Not as Global, or as Dangerous as they seem to be these days.

Anyway, observing Relationships in our current World seems to indicate that, yes, we are all having Convulsions (no wonder that Therapists are in such high demand!), and that these Convulsions are reverberating across the Globe creating a whole lot of Societal Ills. It is as if Pandora has opened up her Chest again releasing all those Ills on our World! How do we gather them and give them back to her? Is there a way to do that, or is it simply that we have to wait until all this plays itself out since there seems to be very little that we can do in the meantime? My, oh my! What a darn salty pickle we are all in!

What is very clear, though, is that Nothing is Static, or set in Stone. The Globe, and all of us its Inhabitants, is dynamic and constantly Evolving for Better, or for Worse. Therefore, we can turn things around! Might we agree on this, too, or do we need another Nonsensical Debate? Tsk! Tsk!

Looking at the World as it is Right Now there seems to be no Good News, not that we need Placebos and Palliatives in order to make a Bad Situation seem like it really isn’t. Our Totally Inept Political, Religious and Societal Leadership is proving its Abject Incompetence on every single level you can think of. So, yes, while we are not Static in many ways, in others we are continuing to follow the same old Playbook that has proven to be Unhelpful and Bloody throughout centuries, but that is absolutely more Detrimental in this Century. Unless, Someone(s), Somewhere(s) realizes that we need to rewrite that same old Script we have been using there will be no Solution to our Personal Relationships, or to our Global Relationships, and, yes, definitely, we will be inviting Anarchy and Autocracy to Rule over us.

On The Ridiculous Side: Nancy Pelosi and the unconfirmed rumor that she intends to visit Taiwan in August thus thumbing her finger at China! Why? What for is this hollow piece of theatrics? What the hell is she thinking? Coming at a time when our Politicians on the Left and the Right are needlessly vilifying China, as well as Russia, her behavior is insulting, illogical, arrogant and Pathetic! She should go Retire already, and take all those fossilized, corrupt fiefdom lords and ladies with her!! Inane!

Pope Francis was visiting the Canadian Indigenous Tribes and apologizing for the terrible things done to children in Catholic Residential Schools where they were sexually, physically and mentally abused, and, about 4000 died. He might be a decent man, however, he presides over a Rotten Institution that like Many of our Institutions has forgotten what is the true purpose of their Relationship with God, as well as His People and have become more corrupt and self-serving instead. Another Ridiculous!

As for Olena Zelensky visiting the US and our Politicians? More Photo Ops and Nauseating Theatrics in that Drama! It reminded me of Venezuela’s Fabiana Guaido getting the red carpet treatment in our Capital during the Trump Administration. Trump and Biden and our US Foreign Policy are On The Same Page with minor and cosmetic differences that do not affect our Terrible Overall Policies! How do we build Better Relationships around the World if we continue along the same Warring and Meddling Path that we have been on for decades? More Ridiculousness!
Nevertheless, I always try to remind myself that there are more Decent, Kind, Caring and Responsible Humans than there are Wicked Monsters. It is only that the Decent Humans amongst us do not have as Loud a Voice, or as Malicious an Intent, nor are they in Leadership Positions!

The January 6th. Hearings brought us a digest of what happened on that ugly day, however, I was uplifted as to how The Committee, and their Witnesses proved that, despite everything, there are Moral, Ethical, Honest Human Beings who spoke up when they realized that their very Democracy was at stake. They are Brave People! This is where our Politicians become so Vital to us, Ordinary Citizens, in order to be Proud and Brave Ourselves and to have a country that functions on Trusting Relationships with its Institutions and the Leaders heading them! That is so Heartening! We need many more of these Wonderful Individuals – as well as more Whistle Blowers and Decent Humans – in our country, and all over the world if we are to ever continue existing on this Planet with a modicum of Decency, Equality, Justice and Peace.

What also caught my eye since my last post is a fellow by the name of Andy Levin, a Democrat from Michigan running in that State’s Primaries. Have you heard of him? I had not. Certainly, if I was in his District I would vote for him! Andy Levin’s opponent is a guy who’s campaign is being financed by AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee), a predominantly Jewish Organization, and other Right Wing Extremist Billionaires. You might be as surprised as I was to know that Andy Levin is Jewish and that he is being smeared by his own people because of his support for a two-state solution that will bring Peace to both the Palestinians and Israelis. How wicked is that? His politics on a host of other issues, domestic and international, are also worth celebrating! Yes, there are still, despite everything, Humans who will stand up for Decency, Morality, Justice and Honesty! Uplifting! Otherwise . . . Nothing Will Ever Change! Really!

And, lastly, let me end with this gem: Apparently, in India, many in the Population are following the Elections of Boris the Bozos successor with great enthusiasm since one of the Contenders is Rishi Sunak, a Punjabi Hindu who’s grandparents emigrated to the UK in 1960. Now think of this: The British Empire of old that ruled mercilessly over India now has an Indian to be its Ruler! Is this Karma people? Or, is it that what goes around, comes around? I say, old chap, this is pretty hilarious, and quite ironic wouldn’t you say? Oh, me! Oh, my!

Now let’s go take care of ALL those Relationships, shall we?