I call her a Spring Chicken, since she is only in her early seventies as opposed to my late. We were having lunch and gabbing away when the subject of our “Senior Moments” came up and on how our daughters, with whom we both live, immediately jump to “Dementia” any time we forget something. This happened when I heated something in the oven, took it out and forgot to turn the damn thing off! Two hours later, daughter looks at me with a very worried expression: Do I need to start worrying now? She has Dementia written all over her face! What the hell?!! It seems as if when these same daughters forget something – and it does happen! – it is always attributed to “overwork,” “stress,” “hormones,” or some other bloody excuse, but Mum forgetting is immediately a cause of Dementia concern! Seriously? Both Spring Chicken and I are doing pretty well at this point, I think, despite the fact that Life has thrown us up and down and around, twisted and wrung us often enough and here we are with our proud wrinkles and all those moles and blemishes contentedly going about our lives! Dementia, if it is in our stars, can wait! All this made me think how people travel far and wide to admire historical relics, but here we are: two old, historical relics that an ever-looking-for-younger society and a superficial culture have decided that we are only fit for Assisted Living, a Nursing Home, or the Rocking Chair! Excuse me? Laughable, in a way, but quite sad in another!

It seems to me that the World has sped by much faster than when it did at my Grandmother’s, or my Mother’s time when Progress was Slower and we Humans had a bit more time to Re-Assess and to Adjust to all that was New! Moreover, historical relics like myself and Spring Chicken were – still are in many societies! – the Go To Authority for matters big and small. No more, since Google, Siri and Yahoo etc. etc. have replaced us! Bloody hell! It’s enough that when I watch “Jeopardy” I can’t be as fast as those brilliant contestants, although I know many of the answers! It takes time to find the pertinent file amongst the Many of them that clutter my brains with mostly useless and irrelevant information! Frustratingly hilarious!

Anyway, and since about the Sixties, when Progress on all matters began speeding up – dizzyingly at times! – we are witnessing all sorts of Manifestations that Prove just how Ill-prepared and Obdurate Humanity is to Navigate this Twenty-first Century with its almost daily Bombardment of something or the other that we have to learn, adapt and re-adjust to. It’s quite hard considering that our Basic Character Traits and Behaviors have not changed much since many, many Moons ago! Pretty sad! And, it is when I think of this that I am grateful to be where I am in my Earthly Journey, and not thrashing around like a chicken without a head as is happening all around me with those younger people whose forgetfulness is attributed to the: Stresses of Progress? I feel quite sorry for them in a way, because the challenges of their futures seem to be daunting, to say the least.

On top of all that a horrible Virus that is still invading the Planet with more variants and numbers every day of hospitalizations and deaths and Reckless, Illogical, Sick, Ignorant and Criminal Behavior and you might wonder: how do we overcome all this? Certainly not with all those Protesting the Lockdowns, Masks and Vaccines and calling for their Freedom and Democracy. Do they even know that Freedom and Democracy come with a Serious Sense of Responsibility towards Ones Self as well as Others? I really am at a loss here with all these re-definitions of Everything! And, No, I am not going to ask Siri for the answer!

It is the same for those clerical figures – as well as media personalities, celebrities etc. etc. – telling their adherents not to vaccinate, or mask, and those same people not arguing with such irresponsible corruption. How do some of those Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders Mis-Interpret their religions so as to allow themselves to distort it to this drastic extent and still have all those spineless sheep following them off the cliff? How do you Distort your Holy Books so terribly that they resemble nothing that is Holy anymore? Maybe there is another new definition for Holy that I am not aware of anymore? Or, for Responsible Leadership and Celebrity? That Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Honesty, Kindness and all those other Lofty Values which, at the very least, Humanity used to strive for have now been replaced by the basest of values, the most vile, the most criminal? I don’t think that even Siri can answer this dilemma!

I might be wrong, however, unless World Leaders from all different Political and Religious callings replace their corrupt modus operandi with Honesty, Transparency, Peaceful Coexistence, Equality and Justice for All we will continue on this path of Self-Annihilation where Lawlessness and Chaos stride across our cities and the globe and destroy everything within their reach. It’s Avoidable! It’s Doable! Is there a Will to do it? Does the Will to Root out the Criminals in our Political, Religious, Judicial, Civil and Corporate Institutions even exist in order to create enough Trust in those same institutions that are supposed to inspire a much needed Law and Order to our cities and our world? I don’t know! What I do know is that we cannot continue to demand that citizens of this world Behave properly when some of those supposed to be leading them are exhibiting Corrupt Behavior. Unless we go through a serious Re-Assessment process of all aspects of our Institutions and the Leaderships within them, we cannot expect to even have a semblance of Lawful Behavior! Yes, it is as simple as that!

The Ray of Light, though, comes from all those Activists, Investigative Journalists, Writers, Whistle-blowers and brave Truth Tellers – some of whom are tragically being disappeared, threatened, kidnapped, jailed, tortured and killed. Nevertheless, the many are still courageously forging ahead giving Hope to all of us that, at some point or the other, things just might turn around! Meanwhile, Spring Chicken and I will continue to enjoy our lunches and wrinkles, read our books, do our crossword puzzles, observe the world and witness its idiotic behavior and its sinking values and pooh-pooh our daughters when they freak out over our Senior Moments, or anything at all!



Small Recap & My Thoughts on COP26 which stands for: Conference of the Parties – specifically, the signatories to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which held its first meeting in 1995 in Berlin, Germany. Twenty-six years ago! Very few people, including myself, had heard much about it until it became a big To-do this year! World Leaders flying in to schmooze and rub shoulders; to meet away from the cameras and whisper sweet nothings? to each other? Not only were the Political Leaders there, but they were joined by Tech Giants, Billionaires, Celebrities and other Connected Nabobs! Whether it is COP26, G20, G7, G8, Davos or Any of these World Get-Togethers we Listen to the Speeches and the Promises, Hear the Interviews, Watch the Proceedings, Gasp at the Billions Pledged and . . . at the end of the day we realize that the Show was nothing but my definition of what COP really stands for: Colonialism Ongoing to the Present, because the Biggest Price for the ravages of Climate Change is going to be paid for by the so-called “Developing World,” and Not by the so-called First World of Runaway Capitalism! I am not kidding! Because, it is now one minute to midnight on our Planet and, as if suddenly, all those Brainiacs realized that Something Must Be Done RIGHT NOW, Or It Might Be Too Late To Save The Planet! Seriously? So during the past 26 years all that was achieved were Cosmetic Band-Aids and Panaceas? How Utterly Incompetent, Reckless, Sinister! It doesn’t seem as if they really care, probably because they would be dead and gone by the time the Planet starts really biting and Apres Moi Le Deluge! Scientists have been sounding the Alarm Bells for over 26 years, and, yet, they were not taken seriously enough to demand immediate action until Now? Seriously? And during all these years they guilted you and me to recycle and to conserve water? They, and the Corporations producing the Worst Pollutants, Sullying the Rivers, the Oceans, our Food and the Atmosphere, Lying and Obfuscating were teaching children in school to come home and yell at their parents that they should close off the faucet in between brushing their teeth and gargling!? Seriously? Nevertheless, we must admit that all of Us – You, Me and All of Us – have been the consumers contributing to the destruction of our Planet, each in our own way ranging from the Least Harmful to the Most Depraved. However, OUR incongruous behavior – yours and mine – was not going to Save the Planet as Corporations, Manufacturers and Producers continued to Pollute Indiscriminately while being supported by the Corporate Media and all that Advertising Money that bought their Silence on this, and many other subjects that pose a threat to the Wealth of the Corporations that pad their wallets handsomely. FOR THE PAST TWENTY SIX YEARS? And, Now, This Year, at One Minute to Midnight they are having Convulsions about this? And Ringing all the Alarms? With the Secretary General of the UN, Guterres, saying: We Are Digging Our Own Graves! Seriously? How could they be taken seriously Now? However, the Protestors got it right as they waved posters that said: Hot Air! Hot Air! And, Greta was right when she said: Blah! Blah! Blah! Do I sound furious? Yes, you bet I am! And do you want to know my biggest concern? It is that I, and my generation especially, are leaving this Planet in a Much, Much Worse Situation than when we came into it from every aspect and all considering! So discombobulating!

Jeff Bezos pledged Two Billion Dollars for Restoring Nature, and Elon Musk challenged the UN to come up with a Plan to End World Hunger and he would Donate Six Billion Dollars towards that Goal! Good luck with that, Elon! Billionaires such as them realize that they can afford to pump oxygen into their mansions, while those most affected by Climate Change will be gasping for air! Does anyone in their right mind believe that World Leaders, Corporate Executives, the Connected and the Wealthy will suffer, or lose any sleep if/when Several Million People – or More –  should be displaced, sickened or dead due to this belated action? Not One Bit! Not One Bit!

Moreover, and of the Utmost and Vital Importance where I am concerned is the fact that not one of the attendees spoke about INDUSTRIAL FOOD PRODUCTION and how that is ruining people’s Physical, as well as Mental health, because all those additives, hormones, antibiotics, Monsanto herbicides and re-engineered everything they can mess with, coloring agents, stuff that allows for the longest shelf-life possible, fruits and vegetables picked green and stored in warehouses until they ripen rendering them tasteless, odorless and nutrient-less and succeeding in creating abnormalities and deviations in our genes, etc. etc. For what good is it to save the Physical Planet if we are not going to Save Its Human and Animal Inhabitants? You tell me!

Some days after listening and reading about how much Corruption and Evil there is out there and all across the World, I wonder if there is any sense in trying to save ourselves? Perhaps our self-destruction as Humans is the only avenue left to save the Planet? I truly wonder about that knowing that it sounds defeatist and pessimistic. However, The Powerful do not seem to desire fundamentally changing any of their corrupt, avaricious, self-indulgent and arrogant ways. They do not impart any indication that they are willing, or even able to change their Behavior in any way at all, and, unless we all do – All Of Us – we are heading for Self-Destruction and Extinction! Pretty disgusting, as much as it is possible to avoid that Fate if we are really and truly willing! It makes me very sad even though I won’t be around to witness any of this! However, my children and grandchildren will be, as well as all the other children! Ach! Ach!