Among Other Things . . .

He is a young man, an actor and a comedian, among other things, who was elected President of Ukraine, and, same as Donald Trump, he seemed to be just as surprised that he had become President. Volodymyr Zelensky was even more flabbergasted recently to find out how many times his name and Ukraine’s were mentioned during these past weeks of the ongoing Theatre Of The Absurd that is called an Impeachment Inquiry. He had never anticipated anything like that! Nor, I believe, had anyone else.

However, as I was listening to the proceedings, I couldn’t help but think as to why those same resolute political figures, and that same corrupt mainstream media, never thought of initiating an Impeachment Inquiry into George W. Bush, his cohorts, and all the evil figures who had waged a cruel and relentless war on Iraq, thus causing, not only Iraq, as Bush had promised, but the whole region to go “back to the Stone Age,” even though, and only in much belated retrospect, there is almost unanimous agreement that it was an egregious undertaking? I, for one, consider it a Crime Against Humanity, among other things. Despite that, we and our despicable War Allies, the Brits, continue to hound Julian Assange and want him thrown in jail for the rest of his life – or, preferably die there since his health has been failing anyway – electing to punish him for exposing the war crimes that Bush had caused and is responsible for. Here is a refresher history published by The Intercept.


Who, pray convince me, is more culpable: Assange, or Bush? Assange is one more reason (out of several) why many people have come to distrust the mainstream media. After all, they drank the Bush Kool-Aid that had borrowed a principle from Lenin’s book: A lie told often enough becomes the truth. And they told one lie after another reiterated lie about Iraq! And lies, bias, hypocrisy are what they peddled to us at the onset of the Iraq War, and have been every single day since then, whether it is regarding Ukraine, Venezuela, Ecuador, Syria, Yemen etc. etc. Then they are surprised that they have lost the people’s trust! Putin didn’t cause that! Their cherry-picking of issues, lies, bigotry and arrogance did!

Thinking of Our Allies, the Brits, among other things happening in our world, brings me to the scandal of The Prince! There again, a privileged, narcissistic, elitist, spoiled royal child goes cavorting with Jeffrey Epstein and having sex with young “Lolitas,” and then denying his culpability! His picture with a young female, as Epstein’s revolting enabler and pimp, Ghislaine Maxwell, gazes on was all over the papers and, yet, he denies, as did Bill Clinton when he was caught with his pants down, and as did so many others throughout time! What is wrong with them?

However, the British Royal Family is the richest and most powerful institution in the world. They remain, though, a dysfunctional family that has had scandals throughout their royal history, but have succeeded through social engineering in rehabilitating and obfuscating every disgrace regarding all their wayward members. We’ll wait and see how they will do that for The Pedophile Prince! This ability to manipulate facts and gloss over wickedness are preventing humans from being able to reconcile all these dichotomies, scandals and malfeasance going on in the upper echelons of society with their own daily realities. And when Trump entered onto the world stage such contradictions increased multifold causing the world’s blood pressure to go up, and the American people to be utterly stressed! It behooves me how one man, one election can drive the whole country and the world into this exhausting frenzy! Quite appalling really!

Thinking of stress, Recovery Diva (an interesting blog by Claire B. Rubin) reports that The American Psychological Association in their annual survey concluded that what the majority of Americans are mostly stressed about are the upcoming elections, health care and random shooting incidents. This sounds quite understandable considering our sorry state of affairs on all three issues. It also seems that psychologists and scientists have determined that stress, arising from horrific incidents and experiences occurring to an individual, within a family, or to a society, are so damaging that they can even change the structure of our DNA, thus ensuring that our children will inherit impaired genes. I thought that was pretty scary! What on earth are we subjecting our children to? Climate Change and a Burning Planet; Industrial and Chemical-filled Food Products; Mass Shootings; the Uncertainty of our Political Landscape; and the tragic list goes on and on.

Speaking of children and among other things happening recently, are issues that those students headed for universities are having to seriously think of other than a mass shooter, or rape etc., and, especially, those interested in joining fraternities. Hazing Rites are one of them, because they are a major part of the initiation process into any fraternal chapter. According to news sources, Indiana University recently suspended a fraternity for “allegedly performing a hazing ceremony that involved sexual misconduct” and are conducting an investigation. In 2010, two-thirds of the members of this fraternity were kicked out for hazing and alcohol violations. And they are still in business? Likewise at Ohio University nine people were indicted for the alleged hazing death of an 18-year-old student who died after being beaten with a belt, pelted with eggs, deprived of sleep and forced to take drugs and drink a gallon of alcohol during one hour. Attorney Rex Elliot told ABC News “our goal is to eliminate hazing in its entirety so that no other mother or father have to lose a child.” These are only two recent incidents of such crimes. There have been many more over the years, and I would like someone to help me understand how lawmakers and university bigwigs across the country have not yet eliminated this horrific ritual! What does it take? Tragic!

Also among other things and while scanning my news sources from here, there and everywhere I came upon an item informing me that the famous Victoria’s Secrets whose yearly show is anticipated by multitudes has been cancelled for this year. I was delighted, because I have for long believed that a major part of the “MeToo” movement has to encompass all aspects of sexualizing females and presenting them to the world as commodities, which is exactly what Victoria’s Secrets is all about. As a civilization we ought to be way past that! We have not yet realized that as long as we continue to peddle sex whether we are selling pharmaceuticals, food, vacations, or absolutely anything else, then predators will continue to use women, to abuse them, traffic in them, deny their victimhood and continue to allow the likes of Weinstein, Lauer, Moonves, Ailes, The Prince and all other men of their kind to keep on doing what they do! Epstein, who was a cad and more, lived off the sex trade, and although I do not think that he, or anyone else, deserves to be gruesomely murdered as he was, he, too, was a privileged narcissist who preyed on women, and who had a female enabler as his pimp! She, I believe, is even more disgusting than he was! Women like her do not even deserve anything but scorn!

Yes, these are among other things  – so many! – going on in our world, and so much that requires our immediate attention much more than the theatrics of an Impeachment Inquiry. Many of those things are truly disheartening! They are also a dire warning that when the agitation, immorality, double-standards and injustice in the world continue as they have been one of two things is liable to happen: either we straighten up and begin paying attention and reversing course, or we bury our heads in the sand. So far, and in the absence of any Supermen or Wonder Women, we have mostly chosen to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that the Apocalypse is not going to happen! Very sad!



The celebration last week of the historical fall of the Berlin Wall, which was built in 1961, evoked images in my mind of the horrible two World Wars that shattered Europe, the rise and then the defeat of Nazi Germany, the division of Germany into East and West, and the start of the Cold War, which supposedly ended in 1989 when the Wall was toppled. This led me to the whole history of what Europe was then, and what it is today, and to the reason why most European countries adopted Socialism as a system of governance.

I do not believe that they made that choice due to ideological reasons per se. They were prompted by two things occurring simultaneously: the devastation of the World Wars that left behind demolished cities and infrastructure, as well as an abject poverty and depression amongst the citizens. Subsequently to that an economic boom due to the Marshall Plan – subsidized by 12 billion US dollars – boosted government treasuries which, in turn, created an industrial and manufacturing explosion. This allowed European ruling parties to focus their attention on how best to utilize these resources in order to restore a much needed Equilibrium within society so that all of their citizens feel proud and vested in their shattered conditions. Thus, a Socialist Agenda was introduced and citizens were provided with their minimum basic needs such as medical coverage, education, a roof over their heads and other facilities that brought a sense of security to their families. The plan was a greatly successful endeavor, and Europe thrived. Today, it is a different story. Equilibrium having been restored, societies flourishing as they never had, and the new economies of the world creating millionaires and billionaires, European countries are no more Socialist in the strict sense of the word, but have embraced Capitalism while retaining the basic needs for a secure citizenry such as education, medical care etc. It is, so far at least, a formula that has been working overall pretty well.

Contrast this with what is happening in these United States, as well as elsewhere in our world: societies where, since the eighties especially, Capitalism has been running amok leaving in its wake millions of disadvantaged people who have, as two examples, no access to proper health care and where the education provided to their children is as miserable as the decrepit communities they live in. An Equilibrium needs to be restored, and that, in brief, is what our next election is all about, and what the Lebanese, the Chileans, Iraqis, and so many other people across the world are protesting in the streets: maintain the Runaway Capitalism and the Corruption it has engendered, or introduce a more Equitable form of governance?

Those who would like to maintain the status quo will be voting for Trump, those who want a fairer system will be voting for whomever is the Democratic Candidate. The truth of the matter is that unless the United States, as well as other countries in this same situation, marry a decent form of Capitalism with a decent form of Socialism this country will be witnessing upheavals, divisiveness and ugliness such that we all do not want, or need.

That’s why Our Right to Vote in a clean, secure and fair election is of the essence, and on Tuesday, November 5th. this was proven with people across many states deciding to vote for Democrats in their effort to restore some sense of Equilibrium to our country. It was a resounding message, though it is too early yet to think that the Trump Era is about to be over and done with, despite the damages that an Extreme Conservative Agenda has already caused such as: gutting the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and thumbing their nose at Climate Change; gutting the healthcare system; gutting the educational system more than it was already gutted; seeking to reverse Women’s Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Human Rights, Minority Rights all the way back to pre-Civil Rights enactments; introducing a new taxation system that impoverishes the middle class and poor all the more, while enriching the millionaires and billionaires; ignoring school shootings and any sensible gun laws; an embarrassing  foreign policy where, as one small example, our President calls Sisi of Egypt his “favorite dictator” causing every Arab to cringe etc. etc. Moreover, and regarding Impeachment: even if Congress chooses to go that route – as they seem intent on doing –  the Senate will not impeach Trump, and he may very well succeed in winning the next election, despite those in the pathetic and corrupt MSM, Establishment Democrats and Whomever is this entity they call the Deep State being hell-bent in the most disgusting of spectacles to perp-walk him out of the White House. So, take a breath everyone!

Meanwhile, there are Many States and Juries reversing Trump’s edicts regarding the environment, minority rights, women’s rights etc. etc. This is a good thing. The Federal Government has become too big a behemoth to manage the country and each of our States and their presiding Juries should step up and do what their citizens need and what they voted for, thus making State elections and local politicians as important as the Presidential Election, which, in fact, they should be.

However, Republicans and Establishment Democrats have decided that Bernie Sanders is a Socialist and are doing their best to squelch his candidacy. This wretched smearing is only meant to scare people away from voting for him, although polling suggests that those who are under age 29 support Bernie’s version of this so-called Socialism, as do I. In England they used the same tactics to discredit Jeremy Corbyn, only calling him a Communist (The Editor-in-Chief of The Economist said that on the air!), and the British Establishment added that he is also an anti-Semite! They cannot smear Bernie Sanders with this taunt since, after all, he is of the Jewish faith! Hillary went even further stating that Tulsi Gabbard was a “Russian Asset,” as is Jill Stein! Besmirching opponents is nothing new to politics anywhere in the world. It is one of the disgraceful tools used by candidates vying for office.

Enough of that already! Shouldn’t we be talking issues? Because at the end of the day it should not be a question of Party affiliation, but of what is needed for the country to thrive and restore its Equilibrium at this specific and dangerous juncture. I believe that the Democrats sweeping elections in many places recently is proof that the American people with their gut instinct of doing the right thing have risen above ethnic, religious, sexual, party, or any other divisive and vindictive issues. They seem to have been saying: Let’s restore our Equilibrium. They are also fully aware that no promises by any candidate are all going to materialize. We live in a Democratic Republic after all, and nothing will work without compromise. The electorate also knows that what will solve our problems is when Everyone pays their fair share with a taxation system that encourages Equality and Fairness, and a Justice System that punishes corrupt companies and individuals who are making their money from the drug and opioid industry, from arms sales, trafficking, stealing, cheating, padding their contracts – especially the government contracts – and all other corrupt mediums. Rich people such as those should be prosecuted and jailed. However, and personally, I think that lumping all the Rich (same as we often do when lumping and discriminating against All Mexicans, Arabs, Muslims, Blacks etc. etc.) especially since Billionaire Bloomberg indicated his Presidential intentions, and punishing all of them simply because they are Rich is vindictive. If their money has been garnered legally, ethically and through their smart thinking and hard work I don’t want to take it away from them. Neither should anyone. That’s just not right! On the other hand, asking them to pay a more reasonably equitable amount of taxes is absolutely a must.

Whether we choose to Label our country as Capitalist, or Socialist is not at all the issue. Labels are meaningless! And whether we choose to Label our politicians as Russian Assets, or Socialists is, again, and especially without Proof, merely mud-slinging and inappropriate! It is, also, spiteful! My hope is that this coming Election will succeed in restoring a very much needed Equilibrium to our country and society on the domestic front, as well as on foreign policy. Losing perspective of that will create many more trials and tribulations no matter which Party wins the next election!