Plastered In Front Of The Idiot Box!

There are occasions in our lives when due to certain circumstances we might find ourselves confined to our beds, easy chairs, or sofas with the Remote in our hands as we sit there Plastered In Front Of The Idiot Box! It is on just such occasions, when focusing is hard, if not impossible, that we might notice the frivolous stuff on our screens, as surfing through the different channels in an effort to avoid listening to the Parrots echoing and repeating themselves ad nauseam, I realized with a pleasant surprise that most Black Women talk show hosts, journalists, reporters etc. etc. have really come into their own by Owning Their Hair! Wow! They have overcome their fears and self-consciousness about having hair that is Not Straight and Smooth (and White?), and are managing their ethnic and natural hair with the most alluring hairstyles that I have ever seen. Their Hair Stylists are Wizards! They have managed to come up with cuts, colors, braids, short, long, medium-length that are so stunning yet so natural and true to their ethnic origins! They should be very proud of themselves! This recent Confidence in Who they are is just one more milestone on their arduous journey to reclaiming their rightful and equal place in this country that had deprived them throughout its lifetime of everything that it could take away from them, beginning with their Freedom and continuing to Undermining every aspect of their Ethnicity, including their “kinky?” hair. This is not Trivial! Self-assuredness and Self-assertion encompass a whole spectrum of steps taken one step at a time, often painfully, until the goal is reached. To witness Gorgeous Ethnic Hairstyles as part of this process is truly a delight! That is not the case with their White, or some of their other Light-Skinned Counterparts who all seem to have the same unimaginative Copie Conforme hair stylists! They really do need to do something with their boring and pathetic-looking long tresses that are more often than not totally unsuitable to the texture of their hair, or to their features. Some of them look quite frightful, really, and they seriously need to fire their stylists!

Continuing on with noticing the frivolous and skipping the stuffed shirts and their superficial, hypocritical and sensationalist renditions of what is News, I also noticed that eyeglasses have acquired a new life! They are no more unobtrusive and almost “not there,” but are now these big, dark rimmed, in your face fashions that come in all colors and hues, and that are being worn by almost all whether they are suitable and becoming, or not! On some, they are very attractive, but not all! Quite hilarious and another example of Copie Conforme! It’s the fashion, yo! Runaway Capitalism on the march! Copie Conforme has also decided that All Females Must Have False Eyelashes. That’s fine IF they are not so Artificial Looking as they definitely are on the many. What’s up with that ladies? Yuk!

However, dowdy hair styles, eyeglasses, false eyelashes and Parroting the different versions of the News and Views aside, I watch the disasters of Climate Change, Wars and Upheavals going on around the World and I’m wondering to myself whether the United Nations has simply become the Tent and Sustenance Provider Organization since it seems to be totally ineffectual otherwise, bloated with too many employees and experts churning out those enormous volumes of reports and studies that massacre more trees, but that go nowhere due to Politicization of every issue worthy of serious discussion? When  International Forums, like the United Nations and the ICC (International Court of Justice), as two examples, can play Politics with every Issue, how can anyone trust their judgements? That Julian Assange is considered a Traitor for publishing FACTS about the US and Ally Atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan, while those exposing Russian atrocities in Ukraine are hailed as Heroes? What is the Yardstick being used to decide these matters? What is the International Criteria for determining these Issues? Is it Only what Certain Nations decide are the acceptable standards? And in no way am I saying that Any Atrocities are acceptable whether they come from the US, Russia, or Anywhere else. They are Not! But neither is Collective Amnesia, people! This is Horrible! How then can we, as a World, resolve all the disputes and controversies between nations in a civilized manner without tainting them? No wonder that more and more Humans feel that such forums do not help them in any way, and do not address their concerns with impartiality? So, rather than bringing nations closer, they are only succeeding in growing them more apart? Quite tragic really! It is precisely such behavior that Invites, even Begs, for the abundance of Misinformation, Disinformation, Hypocrisy and Outright Lies that we see all around us! That’s Not Frivolous!

There was also a lot of yakety-yak about the War on Iraq being that it has been Twenty Years since that savage and barbaric invasion, occupation and decimation of that country, as well as decimating the region, and Humiliating the Entire Middle Eastern, Arab and Muslim Worlds. As usual, the ignorant war-mongering apologists and talking heads and experts were shamelessly sugar-coating everything: Mistakes were made. Seriously? Miscalculations. Really? The Pure Intentions of the US and Allies yadda, yadda, yadda? They say these things with a straight face? Infuriating! Nauseating! Disgusting! Unmasked Double-standards whose rules apply to the West, but to no one else!!! That, too, is Not Frivolous, and more reason why the Global South Humans do not Trust, or Believe the Western touting of Democracy, Freedom, Equality, Justice etc. etc. – except for some of their corrupt political leaderships! Our World is a Shambles at this moment – absolute Shambles – undergoing Protests and Dissatisfaction with Inept and Corrupt Political leadership Everywhere! Frightening!

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1 thought on “Plastered In Front Of The Idiot Box!”

  1. I always look forward to reading your essays, getting a glimpse of what goes on in your mind. You don’t shrink from calling out injustice wherever it manifests. Bravo!


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