The Parrots

My favorite shows on television, repeating myself here, are the Law & Order and FBI series, and – – of course, they all raise my blood pressure enough! There are weeks, though, when those six shows are not on, so I get my high blood pressure fix by watching Dateline, with stories that are adapted from real life, mostly crimes of passion and revenge, where some of the cases are solved quickly, others might take decades. What greatly impresses me are the Lawyers, Prosecutors, DAs, Judges, Forensic Experts, Police, Sheriffs et al, most of whom are not actors, and who doggedly follow and solve these cases. They are such incredibly ethical and talented professionals! And, yes, there are Humans like them all over this country, as well as the world. However, I am very well aware that there are also some Bad Apples in these professions, as there are everywhere else, and that there are piles of unsolved cold cases and clues that are overlooked, as well as many crimes for which innocent Humans are indicted, imprisoned and sometimes executed as a result of racist and unethical professionals. That is a tragic, as well as shameful aspect of our Democracy. John Locke and Thomas Jefferson are probably writhing in their graves!

Unfortunately, Locke and Jefferson might also look at our political landscape these past decades and agonize even more as they see how most of our Politicians are financed by Lobbyists, Dark Money, PACs, the Military Industrial Complex, Corporations etc., as are our Local, National and Cable News Outlets and Media Platforms of all kinds who are deliberately omitting any dissenting views other than the Rah Rah Rah of enraptured support, mainly for our Runaway Capitalism, Foreign Policies and Numerous Wars! Hence, they are nothing but paid hacks, and to hell with Objectivity! They are not in the business of Truth-telling, but in the business of Brain-washing and being Spokespersons and Parrots for our Foreign Policy Apparatus – skewed as it is – and all of those who are mentioned above! Shameful! Listening to them has become a very annoying endeavor and a waste of time.

On the domestic front it is embarrassing that we are cutting off funds from SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) which helps keep about 4.2 million Americans out of poverty! How does that make any sense at all? Perhaps, we can end our Futile Wars? Or start Taxing The Rich as my hero, Bernie Sanders says and as the President’s Budget Proposal outlines, which the Sinister Extremists in our Government will probably shoot down? Or shrinking our Military Budget? Wouldn’t that be sensible? And aren’t the Protests that are going on in so many countries, each for their own reasons, but all boiling down to the perfect example of how dissatisfied All Human Beings are with their Political Leaderships that are failing them on so many levels? There is a Revolt of Ordinary Citizens across the World occurring here, and “Let Them Eat Cake” just won’t cut it anymore!

Moreover, going back to our Foreign Policies and Numerous Wars and the fact that our Television News Parrots – except for outlets such as Democracy Now and online articles that the average person hardly ever avails themselves of – are bombarding us all day with the Ukraine War and how Vital it is to our very existence as Western Democracies to which I say: Baloney! There is ample room for All Nations to coexist, to negotiate and to be responsible rather than go to aggression, bravado and war! For Heaven’s Sakes even Trees talk to each other! And, Putin, you bad boy, are you meddling with Moldova now? (Gasp! Gasp!) Are you, by any chance, copying the US playbook on how to choreograph Protests and Revolutions and install Puppets to suit your purposes? Enough that you copied how we invade, occupy and demolish sovereign nations! Tsk! Tsk! As for Xi, MBS and Iran? Well! Well! Was that a Checkmate, or what? The sands seem to be shifting, aren’t they? I enjoyed a clip on Democracy Now, February 20, depicting the protests going on against the war in Ukraine which showed a woman holding up a sign that read: NATO: North Atlantic Terrorist Organization! Bingo!

For instance, you will never see Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize Winner, talking about his book: The Greatest Evil is War, C-Span 2, Book TV, with this clip excerpted from Amazon reviews:

An unflinching indictment of the horror and obscenity of war . . . this book looks at the hidden costs of war, what it does to individuals, families, communities and nations . . . It is important again to be reminded who are the victors of the spoils of war and of other unerring truths, not only in this war but in all modern wars, where civilians are always the main victims, and the tools and methods of war are capable of so much destruction it boggles the mind.

You will also Never, Ever see or hear Norman Finkelstein, Max Blumenthal,  Tom Engelhardt, Juan Cole or Any of the Great Experts of the Quincy Institute on your regular Brain-washing News. These guys aren’t Extremists. They aren’t Nuts. They Do Not Hate America. They are Nowhere being as Evil as Rupert Murdoch. They aren’t telling us these things in the hopes of amassing millions. They are simply Concerned Individuals with a Moral Compass that is set in the right way, unlike the many talk show Parrots and Second-class Actors on our regular vapid and hypocritical television shows. I truly recommend these articles that are well worth your time to read.

Our Country, and all this World, are going through a very dangerous time on so many levels, yet the preponderance of Ignorance remains so high, especially in Western Nations where we still have the Valuable Option of Learning and Researching Facts, where we do not have to succumb to Brain-washing, where there are so, so many Individuals pointing us to the Truth, and where, unlike Fascistic and Undemocratic States, we will not be herded to torture and jail if we differ with our Government, or its Apparatus of Echo Chambers, because if we do not Greatly Protect our Valuable Privileges and this Limping Democracy we may as well succumb to being Slaves and we would have nobody to blame but our miserable ignorant cocooned selves.

Lastly, and I am very sorry to say that while there is always Hope that things could get better, that hope is, sadly, diminishing by the day as John Locke and Thomas Jefferson weep! Amen!

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