The Great American Diet

Perhaps you are one of the few reading this post who knows all about this subject, nevertheless, you are here now, so you might as well take a few minutes and continue reading and, after you do, please spread the information, especially to young people and women on the threshold of pregnancy, because: No, not enough is said about our Great American Diet! Certainly, very few in our Television, or Media World would even broach the subject of Any Negativity regarding the Greedy Industrial Food Producers, Cruel Factory Farming, or the Corrupt Lobbying Organizations that dictate the unscrupulous Laws pertaining to them. Pretty Awful!

Where it comes to myself, I am at that stage of life when it really doesn’t matter any more whatever I choose to ingest into my body, because my diet isn’t going to affect my longevity that much at this juncture! Nevertheless, I strongly believe that our overall Diet as Americans, especially, is a vital subject, mainly because of the effects it has on the young, as well as future generations.

On NPR, Dariush Mozaffarian, a cardiologist stated that the US is undergoing a: Nutrition Crisis! This is due to our Ultra Processed Food Production on every level. We, in the United States, have the Worst Diet in the Entire World according to Nutritionists, although we spend two to three times more money on our Health – which is greatly and adversely affected by our Diet – than Europeans. Shameful! We say that our country is an “Experiment,” and, it seems, that we are Experimenting with All and Everything, one of which is causing our Nutrition Crisis! Studies also indicate that Iceland has the Best Diet, and that’s why they have managed to avoid Chronic Diseases and Alzheimer’s. Just think about that!

What To Do?

In order to tackle any problem one has to go back to its roots, and in studying our Dietary Issues we must go back to their beginnings. Hereunder is a very informative and interesting short article on that subject: Food System History – Timeline

The Great American Diet offers us, the consumers, an amazing variety of products that inundate our relatively affordable flagship fast food establishments such as McDonald’s, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut and the list goes on, as well as all the fast food in outlets like the marts at gas stations and elsewhere. Hard to resist, really, especially so for people with a limited food budget, as well as laborers and other workers who are on limited time! Moreover, the processed and packaged food products in our upscale grocery aisles, whether frozen, in cans, or in a container with their beautiful packaging, tempting ingredients, so easy to eat immediately, or to prepare in a jiffy also contain too many bad-for-your-health ingredients, because most have: excessive sodium; added sugars; saturated fats; refined grains; preservatives; hormones; pesticides; coloring agents and dyes etc. etc. making for a Perfect Nutrition Crisis that is causing Obesity and Chronic Diseases to our Population and placing us at the forefront of Any Nation in this regard! Moreover, we are exporting that fast food with its lethal ingredients all over the world! This is truly terrible!

Are Organic, Green and Sustainably Harvested Products the Answer? Of course they are! However, they are quite expensive, and with Inflation hitting us these days, they have even become more expensive, and, frankly, unaffordable for the majority of our citizens. We have to ring the bells and sound the alarms about this issue and raise enough awareness about it so that the Government begins Subsidizing Organic Farming and Products and Immediately Stops subsidizing the corrupt and unconscionable Processed Food Manufacturers and Factory Farming Producers, including electing politicians who will not succumb to the Lobbying Organizations of these Corporations that continue to pad their wallets! This is not a Quick Fix Suggestion. It will take years before the country reverses to Organic Food, Clean Water and Everything else. Meanwhile, we will continue to boast the Highest Obesity rates, as well as the Sickest People in the world much to the pleasure of Big Pharma that will relentlessly persevere in coming up with more pills for curing our diseases, making us, again, the number one consumers of medicines in the world! It is unconscionable!

Moreover, while Organic Foods are much better for us we do not know if we are getting enough nutrition from all those plastic bag packaged vegetables and fruits that sit in warehouses and on trucks for a long time and who’s aroma and nutrients? have been sucked out of them! Also, that same produce is being harvested and packaged by slave labor, which,  sadly, makes all of us slave owners! The International Labor Organization has just published its report stating that 1 out of every 150 Humans in our World is a Slave! Many are sold as child brides, others are sex slaves, drug cartel mules, shelling shrimp, filleting sardines, working in mines, and the list goes on! We should all be very ashamed of ourselves!

At this point, you might say to yourself: I’m just going to wing it, because there are more horrid things going on in our world than I can do anything about! In a sense, we are all doing that and praying for the best outcome, and, where nutrition is concerned, relying on our good genes if we have them, although, and aside from inherited genetic weaknesses, our Diet does sometimes trigger certain inherited diseases which might have otherwise remained dormant in our systems.

Two cases amongst many that are recently being discussed:

Ingesting Tylenol during Pregnancy may lead to Autistic Children:
Pregnancy: Does Acetaminophen Heighten Risk for Autism or ADHD?

The Parkland Murderer, Cruz, and what was mentioned about his Mental Issues and the fact that his mother was a drug addict while pregnant:
Nikolas Cruz’s defense says his brain was ‘poisoned’ by birth mother’s addictions in death penalty trial

This leads me to conclude that Any Foreign, Unnatural and Inorganic Elements that we ingest into our bodies could possibly lead to Genetic Deformities and Diseases over time that affect us personally, or that we pass on to our children, or theirs. How about if we do that Now and Then such as eating at restaurants that do not offer Organic Foods, or ordering a pizza, or having a frozen meal for dinner? Now and Then is Okay! It is the Continuous Usage that worries me, and the fact that, at the end of the day, the greedy, self-serving political and corporate elites aren’t the least bit worried about millions of Humans suffering the consequences of their Negligence and Corruption rather than taking Immediate Steps to Reverse our Nutrition Crisis!!

Take care of Your Diet, and that of your families, and do please continue to talk about this Vital Health issue until something gets done!

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