Well, Well, I Say Old Chap!

We woke up on July 7th. to the News that Boris the Bozo was resigning from being the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister! Well! Well! It seemed to me and to so many others that British Conservatives have much more Gumption than our own US Radical Republicans, doesn’t it? Quite Embarrassing, I would say, for The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave! Tsk! Tsk!

The United Kingdom – changing its name like a chameleon changes its colors – was once known as The British Empire with its Menacing Tentacles all over the World, and after the demise of that Colonist Enterprise it became Great Britain, then the United Kingdom which seems to be shrinking even more as previous Colonies are declaring their Freedom from The Commonwealth and as Scotland announced its intent to becoming independent with Ireland likely to follow thereafter. I Say Old Chap, what would you be calling your shrinking “Firm” then? Tsk! Tsk!

The Brits, carried away with a disinformation campaign against Jeremy Corbyn whom they slandered as a Communist and an Anti-Semite – Totally Untrue – chose Boris instead and look where that got them! And, the United States chose to slander one of my favorite Humans, Bernie Sanders, calling him a Radical Socialist amongst other untrue adjectives (they can’t call him an Anti-Semite after all, because he is Jewish), while the main culprits for bypassing him were Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Democratic Party Hierarchy that ended up bringing us – amongst other reasons –  Donald Trump, and look where that got us! Tsk! Tsk!

However, my beef with the British Empire is that it caused a whole lot of Egregious Grief to my Grandparents, my Parents, the Palestinian People and Myself since with Arrogance and a Supremacist Sense of Entitlement it chose to Give Away Our Land, Palestine, to the Israeli Government thus ensuring that a Debt of Gratitude was Owed to them – and, thereafter, to the United States – by the Jewish People who were now guaranteed to be an everlasting Ally in the midst of all those Arabs and their Oil! Moreover, with the recent Abraham Accords going full speed ahead and all our Arab Brethren lining up to sign on, that unjust Colonist Misdeed has been sealed and blessed by all except the poor Palestinians! How much more Injustice can there be? Tsk! Tsk!

Despite all the Events – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! – since then and to date, the History of the World continues marching on finding us today grappling with a Humongous Host of Worldwide Issues that threaten our Very Existence whether we talk of Climate Change, Immigration, Uprooting, Wars, ongoing and future Pandemics, or the glaring and massive gap between Rich and Poor that threatens to cause worldwide disruptions etc. etc. Therefore, the few years ahead – if not more – will be dangerous, tragic, disheartening and dismal, to say the least. As if all that weren’t enough, here in the Teenaged-Continent of the World, we seem to be experiencing Growing Up Pains, a Massive Temper Tantrum and even a Nervous Breakdown that is Embarrassing, as well as Dangerous. Moreover, this ongoing confrontation with President Putin, which by the analysis of increasing numbers of People, seems to have unveiled that we, the United States, have been complicit in choreographing events as we have been arming, training and supplying Ukraine with Intel that would assist them in spearheading that terrible war which we are willing to wage “to the last Ukrainian!” This could have been avoided. Absolutely it could have! We have, of course, been playing God all over the world with our meddling everywhere that has resulted in more and more people and nations being wary of supporting us and our foreign adventures. They do not Trust us, not the people, not many foreign leaders, and not even our reluctant European allies dragging their feet despite the photo ops and choreography depicting how chummy we are with all of them! Continuing on this path of insisting on remaking the world in our own image while disregarding and demonizing Any Nation, or Leader who does not see eye to eye with us is a failing and very dangerous policy. Moreover, we seem to Conjure Up the Confrontations, Write the Hollywood-style scripts, Ignite the flames and then blame Everyone else for being Aggressive! How does that compute? Especially, that after Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. etc. our methodology has become quite glaringly see-through! So, until when will we continue playing with fire?

I heard a gentleman on C-Span asking the host of the show: Why are we in Ukraine? Why have we spent all those Billions, with more to come, when we have humongous domestic problems and a traumatized population due to Mass Shootings, the Lethal Virus, Trumpism, Homelessness, Addiction to Toxic Drugs and so much more that are pressing and that can be solved, but that are not being addressed by a corrupt political hierarchy catering to itself, its interests, its fiefdoms and its war-mongering appetite rather than to the needs of the American People?? We are a nation in need of Serious Therapy on multi levels! How then would people be behaving like good citizens, not succumbing to conspiracy theories and disinformation, and trusting of their institutions? Case in point of how depraved we are is the President’s visit to kiss the hem of MBS’ aba, just as the previous President Trump did and as do All Our Presidents. Biden says it is in “Our National Interest!” Really? Was he saying that with a straight face? Our Hypocrisy, supported by the Outrageous Complicity of most of our war-mongering, duplicitous Media, has become truly nauseating!! All this will not end well! It simply cannot do so, and herein lies the Tragedy – a Tragedy that could be avoided if there were Selfless, Wise Politicians and an Honest Media!

Do Russia, or China, whom we are constantly vilifying and demonizing, have their own aspirations of how to dominate our world? They might. I don’t know! Are they meddling in our country and others through cyber, trade and any other means at their disposal? They are! Of course, they are! Why not? What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander! It doesn’t have to be this way! There are alternatives that all those Passé Mindsets cannot see! How sad!

Meanwhile the latest Uber scandal depicts exactly what is wrong with our World! This symbiosis between Malevolent Corporations, Corrupt Politicians, Media Honchos and Billionaires of Every Nation is harming every aspect of our existence! Money Talks, Integrity Walks! This is sadly true amongst People, as well as Nations! There will be No Justice, No Equality, No End to Every Divisive Issue across the World until there is Honesty, Transparency and Accountability by all of the above!

3 thoughts on “Well, Well, I Say Old Chap!”

  1. True Hala , but I can’t see honesty transparency and accountability anywhere in the world unfortunately ! We can only hope for a miracle.


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