Never Ending Cherry Picking Season

If it wasn’t so enervating, it would be quite sarcastically laughable to hear that in the very same week of the Breathtaking, Stupendous Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies in China, with our Corporate Media Commentators criticizing the Chinese Government in every other utterance for its alleged Human Rights disregard and abuse of the Muslim minority Uyghers population, that the Amnesty International Report naming Israel as an Apartheid State with its real disregard and abuse of the Human Rights of the Colonized Palestinian population receives hardly a mention, and, that the US State Department, as well as the Government of the UK, reject the view that Israel’s actions constitute Apartheid. How could Jake Sullivan, speaking for the State Department, even say this with a straight face?? If this is Not Blatant and Unabashed Hypocrisy then I really don’t know what is! But then, both the US and the UK have continuously had a Never Ending Cherry Picking Season! This is especially factual where it concerns Anything to do with the Palestinian People, or Any Nation considered an Adversary! In saying this I am not overlooking the Human Rights Violations of Any Nation. However, in lecturing the World we should not disregard our own Human Rights Violations going all the way back to Vietnam and on to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and the thousands of innocent people murdered, maimed, uprooted, orphaned, droned etc., as well as our atrocious Human Rights Violations of our own Black and Brown populations that are ongoing to date!

Those same Corporate Media Commentators and so-called Journalists went on and on as they breathlessly dove into their Yenta roles gossiping about what that “other” station said about this, that, or the other and how each of them speaks the “truth,” while that “other” channel fabricates it! When will they Stop This Nauseating Cloying Palaver! Frankly, all of them lack credibility and skew facts to make themselves look good, to be more sensational and to sink lower and lower on the unforgiving scale of Real Reporting and Real News! I think they forgot what that really is! Pretty disgusting! As the Olympics in Beijing kicked off, and rather than shine a light on the beautiful display and choreography with which China outdid itself, and as the little children joyfully sang and danced, and as we watched the beautiful, expectant, excited and aspiring young athletes from all over the world, they chose to downplay this event and, rather, concentrate on trivia such as the ousting of Jeff Zucker of CNN – and who gives a damn about this? Also, Dan Snyder’s atrocious behavior adding another disgraceful human being to the ever-growing list of the Disgraced Powerful taking advantage of their positions, in addition to Spotify and Joe Rogan as if they had never, ever heard all his racist ranting of the past years until now? Seriously? And on and on of superfluous stuff! Oh, wait! And then it was:

Ukraine! Ukraine! Ukraine!

Russia! Russia! Russia!

Putin! Putin! Putin!

No one knows what Putin is going to do, and all this hype and zealousness about the issue sounds as if our Corporate Media, as well as the Hawks in our Government, are goading him, daring him, challenging him, getting under his skin (which they simply cannot do!) in order to start a war! They would simply love that!

Nota Bene: I find myself agreeing with President Trump, Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard on Ukraine, Russia and Putin, though not for exactly for the same reasons.

Anyway, by downplaying the events in China and by the vapid inexpert analysis of what Unflappable Putin will, or will not do, the Media, again, only exhibited what disrespectful, rude, arrogant, pathetic lapdogs they truly are! As for totally disregarding the Amnesty International Report on how Israel is an Apartheid State with its merciless treatment of the Palestinian People they, again, proved how Bigoted, Prejudiced, Vindictive and Ignorant they truly are. This is even more hypocritical when our “Allies” such as Sisi, MBS, Modi, Bolsonaro et al, trample on the human rights of activists, journalists and innocent human beings who speak out against their policies and not a peep out of us! This did not really surprise me, because it is historically in character and quite true to form. However, it increased my utter disdain and made their frequent yelps of: Free Press! sound so hollow and so hypocritical! American journalists, in particular, have a responsibility to their Democratic Values to speak the Truth and Not To marginalize situations that make some sectors in this country “uncomfortable!” In the case of Palestine continuing to kowtow to AIPAC, the ADL, or any extremist Israeli supporters – with which many Jews disagree – is, essentially, rendering them to be Cowards and Hypocrites!

Some days, when I am truly frustrated with everything that’s going on, I say to myself: You know what, America? You deserve a Trump, who, amongst other chaotic (simply witness the orchestrated truck convoy protests) and undemocratic, authoritarian edicts that he and the Republican Party are planning will see to it that brainwashing the population – especially its young – will begin by Banning Books! This reminds me of when the Catholic Church banned coffee because it was assumed to be an aphrodisiac arousing people’s carnal desires, or when in the sixties some were saying that Elvis and rock and roll would ruin the upcoming generations! There also is, In this day and age, a new and updated list of Banned Baby Names in the US, amongst which are: Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler and Santa Claus. Hilarious!

However, there are also uplifting things that take place amidst all the dramas in our world:

Larry Hogan, the Republican Governor of Maryland is mulling a run for President in 2024. He is a sensible, efficient and moral Human Being! Right on!

For a brief few hours the NFL united this divided nation on February 13th., and it was simply wonderful! Rapper Eminem took a Knee at the stunning, breathtaking Super Bowl half-time show as a tribute to the terrific Colin Kaepernick! I teared up!

The events and happenings going on in our present world are not that much different from how we, human beings, have historically behaved, or misbehaved, I should say! Nevertheless, because we are living these disconcerting years and not simply reading about how they occurred in history, they affect us so much more. However, it does not ease our situation or make it acceptable, especially that we might blow ourselves up, or the climate might do it for us. So we’d better alter our thinking and our behavior starting Right Now! With our Politicians, Journalists and Ourselves! Or, should we continue Cherry Picking our way to nonsense and oblivion??!!

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