There Are Days Like This . . .

Yes, there are days like the one we were having in Virginia on Sunday, October 24th. It started out drizzling softly as I sat on our porch having my first cup of coffee for the day, while the owl was hooting away in what sounded melancholic, maybe reflecting a little of how I felt. However, after lunch the skies turned blue, the sun came out, and so did the squirrels scampering joyfully everywhere. I got in my car and drove out enjoying that delightful feeling of Normal, merging with the other drivers, flowing merrily along . . . until I realized that I was getting rather carried away and that I’d better get my foot off that pedal before I hear the siren behind me!

My music was on, the Ray Conniff singers with . . . Fernando . . . Don’t Cry For Me Argentina . . . La Vie En Rose . . . Maria Elena . . . and I was back in that time remembering how often in our activist days we sang Fernando identifying with every word . . . following that came Blowin’ In The Wind and my mood went melancholy again! Yes, how many more years will it take for Wrongs to become Rights; for the Denizens of this Planet to get their act together?

The fact of the matter is that despite my going about and feeling like we are in Normal Times, we really are anything but! This nasty Virus that has invaded our Planet has managed to create a convergence of the Evil Side in many people so that, other than protecting ourselves and those we love from Covid, we also have to keep looking over our shoulders from that Evil lurking everywhere! These are Irrational Days and Irrational Behavior is everywhere in the World! As Peter Falk on Colombo used to say: “It’s a Jungle out there!” It seriously is! And, yes, while the World has never been Shangri la, I doubt that it has ever sunk to the dismal depths we are in, mainly because of all the gizmos and tech tools at the disposal of Evil People.

Personally, I found out recently that some Wicked Impersonator has created an Instagram account (maybe more) in my name. I emailed the corporation, lodged a complaint, filed a report and sent all the paperwork they required, but have had NO action regarding this and the account is still there despite my following up! Moreover, since Instagram Users can now access Anyone’s “Friends” List on Facebook, it seems that these same Impersonators have been sending messages to my Facebook Friends! Whomever gets their jollies by doing such Evil is Pathetic! Really and Truly Pathetic, and they have no Conscience, so chiding them will be to no avail. So, again, we have to be continuously on the lookout for Wicked stuff whether on our personal computers, or anywhere and everywhere else! It is pretty disgusting!

Our Government and Private Surveillance Industries tell us that most of the Wicked Events on our computers, phones, etc. etc. are either due to Negligence, or Ineptness, or . . . or . . . Inside Jobs i.e. Employees of companies facilitating such doings by supplying other parties with information required to hack into accounts, or selling information that will then be monetized, or used malevolently in some way or the other. Unconscionable! Deplorable! Pure Evil!

It is the same with our Corrupt Politics and many Politicians, as well as Billionaires from every Nationality across our World who have been playing God with our lives, lying, posturing and robbing their countries of revenue as they stashed their pilfered money into secret bank accounts – which the Pandora Papers and other sources have been exposing – while coming after you and I to pay our taxes, or else!! How much more Irrational can things get? Unfair? Sickening? And we wonder why the World is going to pot? Why there is so much anger, frustration, and violence? Why some are resorting to Extremism and Radicalism? Why Truth has become so mangled that it is leading so many to a Denial of Rationality? As my astute daughter says: there is more in common between people on the Left and those on the Right whatever their Nationality then either are able to see, because at the core of their discontent is the feeling that Greedy, Arrogant, Self-Aggrandizing Politicians, Corporate Honchos, Billionaires and the Media, including the Executives of the social media platforms that many of us are using, have let them totally down. They persist in dividing and sowing hatred and suspicion, pointing at scapegoats and any other bigoted means rather than addressing the common feelings of Marginalization by a System that disregards and disrespects all of us Ordinary People: Left, Right and Center! White, Brown, Black and Purple!

Perhaps after the many merciless wars that have occurred on this Planet deplete themselves; after this era of Fascism and Irrationality exhausts itself; after we manage to Control our Climate and Virus issues; after people lose enough faith in their Religious and Civil structures to instigate a change; after enough Political leaders, Corporations and Billionaires have been Exposed for the Inept, Greedy, Arrogant, Corrupt, Merciless and Heartless Worms that they are, maybe then, as others have predicted, we might have A New Enlightenment and A Modern Renaissance that will Shine on this presently Dark and Ominous Planet in every sense of the word! Meanwhile, I think this is a good time to take a sojourn away from Facebook – which is the only platform I engage in. It has been on my mind to do so for some time now, but sometimes a little push is all we need in order to act. Voila! It was provided for me. Remember though, these are Not Normal Days we are living despite the fact that there are moments when we feel that they just might be! And, Perhaps, one of the few remaining things that we have control over are remaining true to ourselves, staying positive and continuing to believe in a better tomorrow as we get through this Very Wicked, Exhausting and Un-Normal period on our Agonizing Planet that my sense tells me will last for quite a while yet!

1 thought on “There Are Days Like This . . .”

  1. Oh, Hala.. so sorry about the hijack. Just this morning I was thinking about that time in the old days when my identity was stolen and used to rack up debts in a state where I didn’t even live. It took years to get sorted out. It’s even more discouraging to deal with these days because there is no longer responsive “customer service.” Talk to the algorithm. Oy.


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