Population Problems

To the few of you reading my post: I have some interesting numbers to share with you. The reason why I looked up these numbers is due to the brouhaha regarding the Haitian migrants on our US borders, as well as the latest refugees from Afghanistan.

The Haitian migrants, as well as other Latin American migrants are a result of a century (plus, plus) of US intervention in the Southern Continent, and to understand that history, Eduardo Galeano’s: Open Veins of Latin America is a breathtaking must read. It is the same with the Afghani refugees, the Syrian, Palestinian, Iraqi etc. etc. who are also here due to our meddling and warring in the Middle East for decades. Moreover, there are millions of refugees from many nationalities strewn across this world mainly as a result of the many occupations and wars that Colonialism engendered, as well as the Western World’s obsession of fighting Communism, hence causing coups, upheavals and installing puppets in many countries. This endeavor is ongoing, and has never stopped! In the coming decade there will be many more refugees fleeing floods, volcanoes, famines, fires and what have you as a result of Climate Change, because it is going to take at the very least a decade to begin reversing the effects of that if we are serious about solving the problem. How do we deal with all this?

In the United States we do not, as of this date, have a proper Immigration Policy due to the constant wrangling amongst our political parties. As it sounds to me, it seems as if the Racist, Radical Rightists only want to allow White People to immigrate, because their White numbers are dwindling as per the latest census figures, and, maybe, reluctantly, admit a few other Coloreds to execute the “slave” jobs. The Bleeding Heart Leftists almost want a Wide Open Border Policy. Neither is going to work, and that’s why we are stuck having to deal with our disgusting and inhumane border issues! This same saga has been going on through many Administrations. It is totally reprehensible and illogical! But then, creating issues and brouhahas rather than sensible solutions is what politicians do best!

So, here are the figures that I looked up:

The latest US Population Count in 2021 is: 333,000.000

The number of US Military Personnel in 2021 is: 480,000

The number of Covid deaths as I write this are: 693,000 and counting!

There are roughly 580,00 people in 2020 who have experienced Homelessness.

In 2016 there were about 1.4 million humans housed in about 15,600 nursing homes across the nation. (Many of those have died due to the Lethal Virus)

In 2019 there were 19.6 million students in colleges and universities.

As per the 2020 fall registrations there were 48.1 million children in schools.

To date there are 90,000 missing children in the US.

In the beginning five months of 2021 there were about 8100 people killed (54 a day). Unbelievably tragic!

Anyway, this tells me that out of the 330,000.000 Population Count, our functioning/able/available human beings who can contribute their efforts to the civilian and economic realm in whatever capacity (teachers, first responders, doctors, nurses, stay-at-home mothers, tech workers, industry, politicians, media people, laborers etc. etc.) would be a pretty paltry number and we can, therefore, absolutely afford to take in, at the very least, 10,000.000 human beings – if not 100,000.000, especially if the President’s Infrastructure Bill passes. Who will be filling all these jobs?

Europe’s Population is 448,000.000 people. I do not know the numbers of their functioning/able/available human beings. The area of the United States is roughly 3.79 million square miles. The area of Europe is about 3.93 million square miles.

Moreover, with the dearth of drivers (Massachusetts has deployed the National Guard to ferry children to and from schools; in England they were considering deploying the army to deliver gas to the stations, as well as both the US and UK experiencing grocery and other product shortages due to lack of laborers and other humans required in different sectors of our agricultural and other economies.) So, we certainly need people! Right? On top of that, it won’t hurt our tax base, would it? So there you have it! Why, then, can’t we come up with a Reasonable, Sensible Immigration Policy whereby we can Legally and Humanely allow for Immigrants to come into our country at a pace that can allow the different States to Assimilate them without stressing their systems to an unreasonable extent? Do our dis-honorable politicians think Logically, or do they just want to score points amongst their sorry selves, and for their parties? Incredulous!

The tragic thing about all this is that our vaunted politicians, as well as the media, are sadly succeeding in chipping away at this Democracy in every way that they are able to, while continuing to say they want to preserve and uphold our Constitution. How so? How much more un-patriotic can some people behave? How much more dangerous? However, and as most of us know, there is Abundant Ignorance all around and very little Conscience. I really don’t think that this can go on! Never, ever have I, or anyone else, anticipated this occurring in the United States! Never! Totally reckless!

Thinking of all this nonsense makes my blood pressure rise! However, my favorite shows are back: FBI, FBI Most Wanted, FBI International, SVU and SVU Organized Crime. In that world the bad guys always get nabbed rather than preying on innocent people, and, until the ending, my blood pressure is happily soaring rather than its rising due to our stressful realities! Incidentally, I sometimes wonder why high-schools don’t run some of these shows that are relevant and educational to teens? The shows I mentioned will do a much better job of delivering the message to this wired generation far better than any lecture, or book can do. Right? Adapting would be good!

3 thoughts on “Population Problems”

  1. Interesting numbers.

    On Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 00:00 My Seventy Year Old Eyes wrote:

    > Hala Deeb Jabbour posted: ” To the few of you reading my post: I have some > interesting numbers to share with you. The reason why I looked up these > numbers is due to the brouhaha regarding the Haitian migrants on our US > borders, as well as the latest refugees from Afghanistan. Th” >


  2. Good analysis Hala
    Wish people open their eyes and see what is happening in this country and how to avoid the downhill trend


  3. It is a problem, our immigration policy. If you can call it a policy. Thank you for the interesting statistics, it helps sort things. Another thoughtful post, dear Hala.


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