Writer’s Block

These past two weeks there was so much traffic flowing through my brain that it congested my mental highway and got me to where I was experiencing a Writer’s Block. What do I want to write about? There is so much going on – some dramatic, some comical – that could inspire a writer, numerous subject material to choose from, yet, my brain refused to budge! Was it just being stubborn? Or, was it simply fatigued? Infuriated, perhaps? Furious? Heartbroken? Is there really any reason for that in our out-of-control world? Huh?

. . . Anyway, I could write about a boxer called Felix Verdejo who killed his girlfriend and their unborn child, because he had already been married for eight years and had a daughter with his wife. The girlfriend was inconveniencing the scoundrel! That’s where we are these days: gruesome stories every single day! Your girlfriend, wife, husband, child, employer, coworker have upset you? Just shoot them up! Off them! While murders seem to be happening all the time, what upset me so very much coming at the heels of my reading about that Felix fellow was a report regarding the fifty percent increase in Domestic Violence and Abuse during this Epidemic.  The United Nations calls this the “Shadow Epidemic” and, while the violence targets mostly women, it also includes Child and Other Abuse. Tragic! Barbaric! Totally uncivilized!

. . . I could also write about divorce in this unsettling era, and of Melinda and Bill Gates. Again, while divorce happens all the time, that one shocked me quite a bit! Where’s Oprah to interview them and open her eyes wide, form her mouth into that artificial “O” and, maybe, share something scandalous?

. . . Or, I could write about how we evaded a tragedy had the debris from the Chinese rocket fallen on an inhabited area of our Planet. Apparently, it landed in the Indian Ocean. Phew! That made me think of how we humans have contaminated and trashed our Planet, and how we are now also doing the same thing to our Space with all that debris and Space Junk orbiting around! That’s unconscionable!

. . . Or, I could write about the Republicans and their sinister doings and sayings! What a farce! How embarrassing! The very antithesis of Patriotism!

. . . Then there are all those cyber-attacks, ransomware, corporate and infrastructure threats? What the hell is going on? Is Anyone, or Anything safe anymore?

. . . Maybe I could write about the ridiculous and up close (close!) images of people’s arms being injected with the Virus vaccine? How uncreative, unimaginative and simply disgusting is the media that cannot come up with different portrayals when discussing the Virus other than the jabbing of people’s arms, those same ones they have been shoving in our faces for the past year??!! What exactly is the point? What are they trying to tell us? Ridiculous!

. . . Perhaps I could also write about the frequent tragic bombings going on in Afghanistan and Iraq, the chaos, protests and unrest going on in so many places in the world! Where do I start on this subject?

However . . .

. . . the recent very disturbing incidents going on in Palestine have managed to agitate and infuriate me once again as they have been throughout my lifetime! And, maybe that is the reason why I am not being able to think of anything else to write about. Bibi’s atrocious ploys and political shenanigans are again at play and the Palestinian people are his punching ball! How many more times will we suffer before the killing is over? How many times has this sordid scenario been played whether it is Sheikh Jarrah, or Jerusalem and Gaza and all over Occupied Palestine? Actually, it is simply criminal with no other words to describe it than ethnic cleansing and apartheid! While the World was busy dealing with a lethal Virus and economic instability amongst numerous other problems, the Israeli Government has been running amok and consolidating its chokehold on Palestine and the Palestinian people. How many times do we tell the World that this has been going on for over 75 years? How many times do we have to repeat the story of the Palestinian Catastrophe? We have written about this in hundreds of books, poems, articles, posts, plays and op-eds. How many times do we continue to cry, to agonize, to wonder when is this going to stop? And how many times had the Western and American media in an effort to whitewash anything pertaining to Israel ignored our side of this tragic story as they presented and slanted it so that it seemed like it was our fault that all this had happened, although in discussing these recent dramas they tried to be fair and some succeeded, while most failed? But, that’s not nearly enough! And the Israeli Government spin machine is still spinning lies. Are the US and the Western World not perturbed to howl about the Rohingya, the Uyghurs, human and democratic rights in Hong Kong, occupation of Crimea and all other issues that license and incense them to point fingers at Russia and China, but Never at Israel? Bigots! Racists! And, frankly, I am so sick and tired of listening to our State Department, as well as other European Officials expressing how “extremely concerned” they are! I am so sick and tired of their hypocrisy and their lies! I am so sick and tired of these blatant double standards that apply Everywhere, but are Totally Inapplicable to the Palestinian people! What will it take after 75 plus years of occupation, expropriation, uprooting, forced expulsions, incarcerations, humiliation, provocation, demolishment of orchards and property, shootings and killings and every other constricting situation that the sinister Israeli Government can come up with to make life unbearable for the Legal, Rightful Owners of Palestine? It is Unbelievable! It is so Infuriating! That is Not what Palestinians would have been told had the shoe been on the other foot! Would our State Department have “expressed concern” if Palestinians had been violently evicting Israelis from their homes? Would they Joe Biden? Huh? Hypocrites that they all are, that would never happen! Double Standards and then some! What is it going to take for the Palestinian people to achieve Justice from the same people who have defied every United Nations Resolution for which Any Other Nation would have been punished by sanctions, or outright war and who throw the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism at the whole world and at every chance they get valid, or not? It is simply unbelievably atrocious, inhumane, unjust and against every known convention and international law! As I have always said in my posts: Colonialism has never ended!

And, yes, you who are reading my post today probably know all this and more! Right? However, the Palestinian people remain Steadfast, Persistent and Insistent until we have Equality and Justice! Samidoon! Samidoon! Samidoon!

1 thought on “Writer’s Block”

  1. I do hope Palestinians can hold fast and regain some of what has been lost. Of, course, some things are gone forever: Lives. Time. Childhood innocence of traumatized children. But hope and faith must endure.


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