A Relentless & Disgusting Spectacle

The American Election of November 3rd. 2020 began on November 3rd. of 2016, and some even say it began with Obama’s Election when Conservatives, Republicans and Fox News went ballistic! How dare a Black Man become President of these United States, a country that was founded by White, Christian, Colonist, Landed Gentry who considered this continent their Fiefdom and intended to preserve that forever? Hence, they poured their venom, lies, racism and hypocrisy into all of Obama’s eight years, not only because of Obama per se, but because, where they are concerned, he embodies Black People, Brown, Latino, LGBTQ, Women, Millennial Activists, Immigrants and all other minorities whom they want to put back in the box so that they will continue to rule supreme! Fast Forward to the Trump years and to this election cycle, whence it has all become A Relentless and Disgusting Spectacle!

I do not think that there is anywhere else in the world that spends these nauseating amounts of Time, Money and Energy on their elections, but then, I do not think that there is anywhere else where a Supreme Court ruled that Corporations are People, and can, therefore, pour as much money into the corrupt elections as they do in order to keep decent candidates from ever applying for the job! As Millions of Dollars are being funneled into this process, millions are looking askance at this disgusting process while standing in line to get some donated groceries to feed their children and hoping that they won’t catch the lethal Virus in that interim. How ungodly is that? In what religion is this acceptable? Perhaps only in the Religion of Runaway Capitalism, Arrogance and Greed.

You (and I), who are reading this, probably won’t be directly affected by the corrosion of democracy and rule of law that has been taking place, especially during these past four years (but that really began intensively with Dubya Bush and his gang), but ultimately, this will affect all of us. Conservatives and Republicans of the Trump era, supported by the sycophants of Fox News who have not an ounce of dignity, or self-respect left in them (a Faustian contract for sure!), are using a sinister playbook. It is the same playbook being used in a concerted effort in other countries by so-called “Populists,” or “Strongmen” – but whom I call tyrants and despots pushing Illusions. However, Illusions, Delusions and Fantasies are not the Reality, and the Truth always has a way of asserting itself sooner, or later.

Nevertheless, and despite all the intimidation, smears, hype and lies Millions of American people have been voting all month long in person, or by mail where available. On November 3rd. most citizens will head to the polls and cast their ballot. Unless Joe Biden wins by a landslide, we do not have any idea of when we will have a final tally of who won. However, Donald Trump will not be sitting idly by and waiting with the rest of the country. In fact, if he wins he will be bragging all over the planet, and the US will be on its way to becoming more of an oligarchy run by a real Nixonian despot while toppling us helter-skelter into the Dark Ages, and if you have a shred of doubt about that then you haven’t had your listening ears on these past four years. I admit that for a while there, I didn’t either, but thankfully that didn’t last for too long! And, should Trump lose – not guaranteed by any means at this point – he will create havoc galore! So, in either case we are in for a few very dangerous and turbulent months! Fasten your seat belts, stock your pantry, order your medication refills and take a chill pill!

I have cast my ballot already while holding my nose very tight as I voted for Joe Biden. I said in one of my blogs that Biden is the Democratic Conservative Left with a track record to prove it. That is: he has supported Runaway Capitalism, he is pro-war and the military industrial complex, he believes that the US has “enemies,” even though he should know that we have created most of them by our actions and behavior, and he is not one to butt heads with any Health Insurance, Pharmaceutical Corporation, or Any Corporation milking the citizenry. He and President Obama did try and, certainly, they did far, far better than what we now have on many levels, but they also screwed up on others and wasted a good chunk of their capital. Will Biden perform differently this time around being that this is his final chance to leave either a stellar legacy, or a hum-drum one? I don’t know. We’ll find out if he becomes our next President, and if he decides to Negotiate, Compromise and Coexist with all the nations of the world rather than see “enemies” around every corner and drive us into another ditch! In any case, he will have a ton of unravelling to do after all the incredible mess and sinister mischief that Trump has created by upending so many sensible rules, regulations and laws that, in a way, is going to take the patience and perseverance of Job to accomplish! As per Google’s description of Job: “To have an immense and unyielding degree of patience and conviction, especially in the face of problems or difficulty. A reference to the biblical figure Job, whose absolute faith in God remained unshaken despite the numerous afflictions set upon himself, his family, and his estate by Satan.” Oh, yes, it will certainly be quite a daunting task!

Meanwhile, the MSM continue playing us to the hilt, although, I must admit that the Delusions on the Conservative Right Fox News, with very few exceptions, are becoming more ridiculous and dangerous by the day, while there has generally been a good effort on the Progressive Left (CNN and MSNBC) media outlets to counter that with giving Facts. However, and on all media outlets, they will do whatever it takes to keep us glued to that screen while filling their pockets and fattening their bank accounts with all the advertising and political dollars that are pouring in like never before. In this sense, Trump has been a boon to them and their corporations as they bombarded us 24/7 with their opinions and views. At the end of the day, the media outlets and their anchors, talking-heads, etc. etc. really don’t care who is elected President, because nothing will change in their status, but a lot can change for us, the ordinary people.  It is an industry that is badly in need of an overhaul, same as the Reckless and Disgusting Spectacle of our politics, our laws and our election process.

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