Royal Mess

As the battle for the White House heats up and becomes down and dirty and quite dangerous I couldn’t help but conjure up an image to help me deal with all this crap, especially that The Virus seems to have unveiled a whole lot of rubbish that had been hidden for decades and centuries underneath the Glitz and Glamor of the whole Planet, and for which we have all been complicit in one way, or another.

When Virus flew at us it sent us scurrying for dear life! We are still scurrying and have not dealt with this Pandemic as we should have by creating a Universal and Unified System in order to beat it. To the contrary, it is a “go to it alone” approach during which each country, state and community has been trying to cope on its own and, even, vying as to who would be the first to develop a vaccine and, in that process, prostituting medicine for politics!  How utterly despicable!

As a Collective Humanity this Virus seems to have totally upended us, and, perhaps, now more than ever, we need to find ways in which we can Collaborate, Coordinate, Re-Prioritize, Re-Negotiate and Re-Think how we have been dealing with each other as human beings, as countries and with our Planet, otherwise, and sooner than we all anticipate, we might be really entering into the Dark Ages and annihilating each other. No exaggeration!

Imagine your closet where you have been too occupied with your life to do anything but grab stuff out and dump stuff back in, piling things on top of each other haphazardly. Months pass by until one day you open the closet and something flies out and zaps you. You freak out thinking that it was a moth and that your closet must be infested with them! So, you remove everything, air out or wash all items, disinfect and wipe the closet down, and then you proceed to sort everything out: hang washed clothes back up neatly; fold others tidily and place on shelves; sort a laundry pile; donation pile; trash pile etc. etc. All done!

Our Planet is that figurative closet. For centuries we have been using and abusing its resources so that our climate is suffering and hitting back at us with fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, extreme temperatures, disease plus all those across the world who are suffering due to these catastrophes! We have also been dumping rules, regulations, laws and systems one on top of the other randomly and with total disregard to anything but the “now.” One need only glance at our unfair tax code and see for themselves how lobbyists, corporations, special interests and corrupt lawmakers have skewed and messed them up so much and so often that they are ineligible and need a magician to decipher and try to make any sense of their mile-high codes. And, there is so much more rubbish in our governmental closets that it would take a book to enumerate all of them!

Also, we are, and at this point in time, undergoing upheavals, protests, and disenfranchisement in so many places across our World. Nowhere else, though, are citizens as armed-to-the-teeth as they are in these United States. This is precisely why, unless there is some sort of a Very Serious  Intervention to halt the madness gripping some in this nation, all of us will suffer the very serious and terrifying consequences. Hopefully, Political Leaders will wisen up and rise to the occasion, clean out their moth-ridden closets, update the laws and rules and see to it that they fulfill their primary duty of providing Equality and Justice to their citizens while reminding themselves that: “. . . personal prejudice and financial greed are the two great evils that threaten courts of law, and once they get the upper hand they immediately hamstring society by destroying all justice.” (Thomas More, Utopia) This is precisely where we sadly are!

Simply looking at these United States, we have a Dangerous President who is playing with fire and with all of our lives. He has totally exhausted us, as well as the world. Moreover, his “sayings and doings” have eroded what little public trust there was in our institutions. This, by itself, is a dangerous recipe for anarchy!

In the interests of full disclosure, and though I do agree with a few of Trump’s “sayings and doings,” I view these from a totally different perspective than he does, whether it is “Conspiracies,” or the “Deep State,” or our Alliances and Enmities. He is a transactional and ignorant bully who demands quid pro quo agreements since he only looks through one narrow prism: himself, his reelection and the fascist ideology that he has adopted – again, for purely transactional reasons. On the other hand, I look at things from my Palestinian, Arab, as well as Progressive American and World viewpoint, and I have a long list of grievances in this regard, because I have been the Victim of the most brutal Conspiracy of all which ceded my land, my culture, my history to Colonialist Conspiracies without even asking me and while portraying me as the culprit! Moreover, the entire Arab World, and, especially, my second homeland, Lebanon, have also been subjected to one assault after another throughout my lifetime infuriating me on a daily basis. However I do wonder if it is worse for our Arab World now that most countries involved have been “Jared-ified” (a term coined by my daughter) and are falling in line one after the other in order to sign a peace deal with Israel? I wouldn’t be surprised if transactional Trump had told them: either you line up, or I am withdrawing and leaving you, your riches and your oil resources to Iran. They succumbed, and he ensured that we will control that oil forever! Meanwhile, have the Palestinians been screwed? Royally! Tragically! I do not know what options they have at this point, but, sometimes, whether  we are humans, or countries, we have to swallow the sword, painful as it is, and opt for co-existence – and being “Jared-ified” – rather than incurring more bloodshed and more sacrificing of another generation of children and young adults. I’m sure my opinion will rile up a whole lot of Palestinians and Arabs. However, I have always maintained that it would be easy to demand sacrifice when it is not my children and I who are being called upon to do that, and I cannot anymore see bereaved Palestinian mothers! There have been occupations and apartheid throughout the long arc of history and, eventually, wrongs could be righted. It might take one year, five, or decades. It will happen, though! Meanwhile, our part of the world has seen enough bloodshed, enough tears, enough uprooting, enough refugees, enough loss that we can do with a reprieve, even at this steep price! Hence, accepting the reality might be our best option for the time being, extremely hard and painful as it is! Note: For those hoping that a President Biden would do better in this regard, I say: Don’t hold your breath. US Foreign Policy regarding Israel has been consistently the same – minus a few cosmetic changes – throughout my lifetime. Moreover, it seems that with every new President no matter which Party he belongs to, things seem to get worse for us Palestinians. Sad, disconcerting, infuriating and unjust!

As to the many offenses on my Progressive American and World viewpoint they are numerous too, not least of which is our panic-button pushing MSM on both sides, their noise, their sensationalism, their playing us as they have always been! Nevertheless, what we are being subjected to by this President is so egregious and dangerous that it leaves me sleepless on many a night. I don’t know what the tea leaves are predicting for America’s future. However, I have a real and deep sense of foreboding that does not promise any certainties, or peaceful endings if things continue along this perilous path. What I am certain of is that we need to air out and disinfect our World Closets, drive the Virus and all other corrupt infestations out, wash away the deceit, lies and hypocrisy that have been for long clouding our vision from seeing all the injustice, inequality and consumerism that have lulled our senses. And, unless we clean up our act faster than fast, we will be going from bad to worse!

Are we capable of changing our ways for the betterment of Ourselves, our Countries and our Planet? We certainly are when we get over Our Selfishness, Our Greed, Our Arrogance and all Our Entrenched Enmities. It is not Utopian to aspire and hope for that outcome, because this Royal Mess should be curtailed, or ended!

2 thoughts on “Royal Mess”

  1. Well, hell, Hala. Now I have to go clean my closet. 😂

    Seriously, another thoughtful and insightful column told in a straightforward way.


  2. Ok. This is my third try to leave a comment. I hope I don’t end up junking up your comment section.

    Well. Hell, Hala. Now I need to go clean my closet. 😂

    Seriously, another thoughtful, insightful and well told column. Kudos! 👍🏼


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