Little Things Mean A Lot

It seems to me that the United States and our World are moving from one whirlwind week into another with no pause for us to take a breath! Events, happenings, a lethal virus, words and actions all spinning away and causing our levels of stress, sadness, disappointment, disgust, expectation and hope to fluctuate madly and incessantly! For me, the most astounding result of events so far has been how it is as if the whole world has been playing a game of Jenga for many decades, if not centuries . . .  and then came The Virus . . . and pulled out that one piece which brought the whole pyramid tumbling down as one country after another unraveled upon itself and all the dirty laundry in its closets oozed out: the mismanagement, ignorance, inefficiency, corruption, hypocrisy, greed, arrogance, racism, extremism and plain wickedness rose up to the surface eclipsing all the artificial facade of Glitz and Glamour that had us all in its seductive clutches, and that had blinded many of us to the deprivation, healthcare inadequacies, low wages, insufficient affordable housing plus a laundry list of so much more which had left most people Colonized, vulnerable and frustrated. For, Colonization does not have to be actual Occupation of Territory, although that is still happening, but it is also Using and Usurping human beings, those same ones who are sustaining and servicing our comfortable way of life and making it possible! How utterly unacceptable! Frankly, I don’t believe that humanity has yet grasped the extraordinary magnitude of all this, nor how it has finally arrived at that moment when Colonialism in all its ugliness is seeing its day of reckoning, and how the damage that it has inflicted on human beings all across this planet is now being revisited. It is breathtaking! However, the fact that we may finally be reckoning with centuries of Colonialism does not mean that rectification and atonement will immediately happen. This will be a long process and one that will require perseverance, patience, diligence and organization, for the entrenched powers that have been profiting from this evil enterprise will not cede their hegemony easily despite the protests and the symbolic and momentarily victorious act of toppling Colonist statues; nor will that White Supremacy which Colonialism nourished so well, and for so long, disappear overnight. The road ahead will be long, hard and require sacrifice. However, the process has begun, and we cannot choreograph ourselves out of it, nor will all the image-makers put together be able to paint a rosy picture out of this starkly horrid, as well as exhilarating moment of truth. It is quite stunning!

Protestors also marched in Kashmir, didn’t they? However, Colonized Kashmiri’s Human Rights did not cause the World’s Utmost Supporter of such values to be too concerned. After all, Modi is our Ally, and our Allies usually get a carte blanche to behave in any way that they prefer! The same goes where Palestinian Human Rights are concerned, because Bibi can behave in any way that he pleases, again, he is our Ally! But, Russia! Putin! We get all bent out of shape at anything that happens there. So it was that our Intelligence Community apparently learned at the end of March that a large cache of US Dollars was found with some Taliban supporters, and upon investigating they found that Russia bribed those same supporters in order to kill American and British GIs! This whole story does not seem kosher to me. It is so very reminiscent of: Saddam Has Weapons of Mass Destruction. Moreover, if our Intelligence Services believe that Putin is so daft as to order this, then they do so at their own dangerous peril. After all, buying into a bunch of lies for whatever reason is something we Americans are very good at. Are we going to blindly believe again? As for Trump denying any knowledge of this matter? He has denied so many things – most of which were totally undeniable – that he is sounding more like the Boy Who Cried Wolf every single day! And the corrupt MSM has zoned in on another Trump failure rather than truly investigating this latest so-called Intel. There are, after all, many “interests” who are capable of relaying nefarious news of this sort. This leads me to think that Something, Somewhere is being cooked. Something, Somewhere is being choreographed for an impending Event. I do not read tea leaves, so I don’t know what that might be, nevertheless the sordid stage seems to be in the process of being set and we had all better be very wary!

Meanwhile, and as these breathtaking events are taking place, we have to continue on with our lives hermit-like and restricted as we all are by The Virus, for, that too, will not disappear overnight. It, too, is a long process during which we have to maintain our heads above water, remain vigilant and socially responsible, and do the things that will uplift and amuse us in order not to go into a funk, because allowing ourselves to get depressed will not make The Virus go away any faster, nor will it cause all our corrupt politicians and systems to rectify themselves immediately. At the end of the day, it is those little things that we choose to live by and do which will mean a lot. However, because we are all different, have different circumstances, varying ages, experiences and personalities, there is no one-size-fits-all formula despite all the fake gurus out there telling us that there is. Each of us has to find those little things we can enjoy and that will mean a lot to our disposition, mood and coping techniques. And there is so much to choose from, even though we are mostly at home. There really is!

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