Update That!

Our world has many glitzy and glamourous cities and capitals whether their political structures are Communist, Socialist, Capitalist, or otherwise. Travelling within them in these modern days, a tourist wouldn’t be able to even detect their political differences such as when visiting Moscow, or Shanghai, which are called Communist/Authoritarian regimes, and enjoying their beautiful monuments, museums and high-end stores. It is the same as when visiting the United Kingdom which operates as a Monarchy with a democratically elected Parliament, or France which is a Republic. Both countries are considered Socialist, as are most European nations that, amongst other things, provide universal healthcare, education, and affordable housing to their people. The United States is considered a Capitalist nation where citizens predominantly have to deal with the “market” and, to a large extent, fend for themselves. Think of the different political structures as a modern day Feudal System, around which most societies had historically structured themselves for millennia, and where our Governments nowadays are similar in that they have a Lord (Liege) and the citizens are his tax-paying Vassals (Serfs) with varying degrees of rules, laws, hierarchies and rights amongst them.

In the United States, the Presidential Campaign season for the 2020 election has begun in earnest. Some say: the circus has come to town, which isn’t too far from the truth as the candidates sometimes end up by being caricatures of themselves, and as they indulge in smearing, dirty tricks and exposures of their rivals in order to see who will become the Feudal Liege. It is definitely neither a pretty picture, nor civilized in any way, shape or form, especially considering the nauseating amounts of time and money being spent. Could we Update That formula?

As the list of candidates grows the Labels are now flying around: Socialist, Democratic Socialist, Radical Left and Radical Right, and, of course, the primo Republican/Capitalist contender, President Trump. Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy, which is going to be very interesting considering the initial enthusiasm, mine included. I doubt that most of the other Democratic contenders have much of a chance as their hypocritical history of supporting corporations and wars will only ensure a second Trump term. Who, then, will become the Feudal Lord? And, who will decide on the fate of us Lowly Serfs? Will we become more like England, France and the other European nations, or will we continue to be an unequitable, avaricious nation feeding off its citizens and the world’s resources? It will be quite a show!

However, don’t worry! The MSM are on it! Fox News, which has been having convulsions ever since Rashida, Ilhan and Alexandria won Congressional seats (amongst other minority women), will continue their avid efforts to trivialize and demolish them, as well as all the other Democratic candidates, especially Bernie, by portraying them as out to destroy our American way of life! Seriously? As for CNN and MSNBC, they will continue on their wretched path which is dead-set on destroying this President and perp-walking him out of the White House! Disgusting! They continue to blame Trump for the nation’s ugly rhetoric (and he is certainly not above blame), not realizing that their undisguised hatred, name-calling and disrespecting of him has greatly contributed to the despicable behavior and mood that the country is in. Yes, it’s going to be quite a show I tell you! When will we Update That and have them embrace sense, sensibility and real news that affects every one of us?

All of this is occurring (and distracting) people from the dangerous state of our world, whether it is the dire climate change that threatens to annihilate us; the continuing wars that don’t seem like ever ending; the ongoing dangerous rivalries between the Western World on the one hand, and the emerging powers on the world stage of countries like China, Russia, Korea, Iran, and Turkey on the other hand. May we hope that deft and smart leadership would steer all these events towards the most responsible course possible in order to avert bringing disaster on all of us?

Recently, Richard Branson has joined the fray in the Venezuelan tragedy that is unfolding before our very deja-vu eyes. He is one of the Elders, a group of elder international statesmen whose goals are to try and avert conflicts amongst nations and to provide humanitarian solutions for people in dire situations. Unfortunately, the Elders involvement in world affairs has not succeeded in preventing the Iraq-like scenarios from occurring. We have seen, time and again, how easy it is to concoct an “incident” in order to go warring against any nation, and how easier yet it is to find bribable puppets to do our bidding. Invasions and Occupations, as well as Wars of Attrition, in the form of sanctions and starvations, such as what happened to Iraq, Libya, Yemen and what has been happening in Venezuela are still taking place despite their efforts. Did any of them protest the sanctions, for instance, that lead to civil unrest? Of course not. That is not their objective! They, like many other world organizations, conferences and gatherings, seem to furnish their participants with a “feel good” outcome that isn’t really changing any of the acrimonious policies of powerful, resource-seeking, war-mongering nations. Moreover, with Branson’s organizing and funding of a musical concert last week (that barely got any network coverage? Why, I wonder?) right across the Venezuelan border and that is clearly against the Maduro government puts him smack in the middle of what might turn out to be a very bloody situation soon. Branson, is doing what is contrary – so very contrary – to the image of an Elder Statesman trying to calm the waters, rather than enflaming the situation even more. He’s made it very clear which side of the tracks he’s on, and it isn’t peaceful, or humanitarian. Quite disappointing, hypocritical and tragic! Do please let us also Update That formula of politicized charity and self-aggrandizing, especially by billionaires searching to glamorize their legacies at the expense of the shedding of innocent blood. Shameful!

Glitz and glamour stretching from China to Dubai, from Moscow to Paris and all across the world do not worry about labels: Communist, Socialist, Capitalist and what have you. They are all Feudal Lords intent on chasing money and power at the expense of us Lowly Serfs whose every piece of information is being Monetized, and whose every concerning issue is being Politicized, thus removing Fairness and Justice even further away from our reach! Don’t we need to Update That also?

3 thoughts on “Update That!”

  1. Now here are “updates” that actually make sense! I think Sanders is great, but he also ought to update his campaign and run as an Independent this time around. Wasn’t it his own Demonic Party that derailed him in the last election? Circus indeed, send in the clowns.


  2. It is sad that on Earth you must deal with country internment and currency slavery. In truth… all humans are sovereign citizens of Earth with the right to travel, live or work anyplace upon the planet unhindered. Humans require only labour and resources for everything and currency for nothing. Management is all that is required but until the internment camps are closed it is difficult to do this. All “countries” are essentially identical in this respect. Civilization Level One requires a Planetary Council and an end to all forms of privatization as well as no more currency being used. Only time will tell how long the Human Collective on Earth will continue to permit privately owned Central Banks to dominate Central Governments on Earth through greed, corruption, graft, theft etc.
    Currency is something worthless yet is presented and perceived as being valuable. All interest is usury and all usury is criminal.


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