Goodbye 2018

Well, yes, goodbye 2018! And what a year it has been! Herewith is My Own List of What’s In and What’s Out in my books:

IN: Merriam-Webster announced that JUSTICE was the top searched for word in 2018. The dictionary website said: “The concept of Justice was at the center of many of our national debates in the past year: racial justice, social justice, criminal justice, economic justice . . .” So, here is the simplest definition I found: Justice means that people behave in a way that is fair, equal and balanced for everyone. The fact that so many people have been asking and wondering about Justice is telling in itself, because it indicates that, as humanity, we feel its absence, and that is very problematic and, perhaps, the main reason why there is so much anger, frustration, inequality and strife in our world. Tragic! Could 2019 be better? For all of us, and for our planet, let’s hope so!

OUT: “Thought Police,” and Anyone who is attempting to curtail our human interactions by enforcing Their Own Speech and Behavior Codes on the rest of us. Included are the Social Media Platforms; Mainstream Medias’ so-called journalists, talking heads and hosts; Academies of all kinds; fanatical Conservatives and Progressives of all nations. This does Not mean that we are allowed to slur, smear, defame, hurt or belittle Anyone.

IN: Manners, Common Sense, Kindness, Coexistence and Balance.

OUT: Rudeness, Extremism, Radicalism, Bigots, Racists and Haters.

IN: Organic products! Good for our health and the environment.

OUT: Artificial ingredients in our foods and medications – pesticides, insecticides, additives, hormones, fillers, toxins, Monsanto and all its likenesses and derivatives.

IN: The new faces of ethnic and religious diversity that will be making up our incoming American Congress (except for their nonsensical rhetoric on immigration). Let’s hope that Bernie will stick to his principles and that the new faces will stick to their progressive ideals, as well as, urgently, sooner rather than later, firing Pelosi and Schumer! They are totally sickening!

OUT: All the phobic politicians – Left and Right – who have a passé cold war mentality that perceives enemies under every desk and chair, and an opportunity for war anywhere they can find it, as well as those politicians who are corrupt and who are passing legislation and laws that protect them, their wicked interests, lobbyists and the foreign governments that fill their off-shore bank accounts! Out!

IN: Sense of humor! Lots of that!

OUT: The Mainstream Media who have proven beyond a doubt that they are depraved, vindictive, vile and paid hacks with no Integrity, or Professional Pride whatsoever! I take exception with the following:

Christiane Amanpour, of CNN International, one of the most respectable journalists on the MSM.

Anderson Cooper’s: CNN Heroes program, which is inspiring. (Only that program, not his others).

Russian Television (RT), banned from our televisions – not from our computers. Not yet, anyway! The News with Rick Sanchez is Really Must-Watch Terrific, Lee Camp is hilarious and spot-on, Watching the Hawks is great programming! This station does real News, not Slanted Views.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, and Tucker Carlson (who is sometimes excitable, but, nevertheless, fun to watch), although they are Conservatives and I am not, and I don’t always agree with them, yet they are decent, balanced and polite journalists with no drama, or feigned indignation like all those others!

IN: The Intercept, with every one of their writers, investigative journalists and editors. First class news source and sensible analysis!

Truthdig.com, with all their journalists, writers and contributors. Terrific scrutiny on all matters!

There are also plenty of other alternative media sources to pick from.

OUT: NYT (New York Times) and WAPO (Washington Post), Time and Newsweek magazines.

IN: The many millions of American citizens whether they are black, or white, or with all the diversity of their ethnicities and religions who are decent, responsible, admirable, charitable and who, at the end of the day, make the correct gut choices. I think the same goes for most citizens of our world who are rising above divisiveness and hate and calling for fairness, coexistence and peace. May they continue to assert themselves over superficiality, trivia and the brain-washing from the MSM.

OUT: People who do not answer their emails! I don’t care how busy one is, all of us can acknowledge an email with a one-liner, or an array of emojis to suit any response. However, disregarding any person’s email is rude!

IN: Sensible Education for our kids and grandkids. Diane Ravitch, a respected historian of education said: Boycott Standardized Tests, they do nothing for kids but make testing companies rich. Opt out! Amen! Amen! Our kids and grandkids (in my case) are getting Nothing (Zero, Zilch!) out of their education, because no institution has managed catch up to the requirements of the 21st. Century! What will it take?

Lastly, I have a Fantasy to share. Background: Surfing between the various television channels I see all these women with bare arms (thanks a lot, Michelle Obama!), tight-fitting dresses that show off every contour of their bodies (some of them showing off cleavage, too. Incidentally, have they all had boob jobs, I wonder? It sure looks that way!) and short, short outfits so that sitting down with the cameras aimed at them, viewers can see their legs way up to mid-thigh! Is that really acceptable in these crazy days? Actually, I’d love to tell these women what Judge Judy (love that woman!) told one of the litigants: “I am not going to ask you to leave. But, the next time you come into my courtroom, dress more appropriately. You are not going to a beach party.” I’d like to say that to some of the women on my television screen! So, here’s my fantasy suggestion (if it can be done for just one week, people? Please?):

Women dressed in garments with short, or long sleeves; no contour-hugging outfits; length of clothes should be knee, or just above the knee, so that sitting down viewers are not exposed to their mid-thighs. As for the men on those same shows: sleeveless, body-hugging T-shirts; scooped neck to show off some of their chest hairs; tight shorts to show off their butts and hairy legs, and open-toed sandals on their salon pedicured feet!

The mere idea of this image in my fantasies is so incredibly amusing! After all, “what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander,” no? I mean, we women demand equality on all levels, right? Why not on the damn dress code? These poor guys coming in to the studios with their stiff collars and ties, suits, socks and proper shoes while the women are lolling about half-naked! Where’s the equality, people?

Stay Sane & Have a Terrific New Year!

5 thoughts on “Goodbye 2018”

  1. What a lot of astute observation you managed to pack into one article. Seeing through your eyes is always fascinating, my dear friend. You are an inspiration to me to always look a little deeper, look again from a different perspective; and then another. Well done.


  2. Love your list, but I think it’s about a decade too early…lol. The world is lagging way behind your Seventy Year Old Eyes and Mind!!


  3. Thank you for yet another interesting read. I really do enjoy your blogs. Please keep them coming.
    Happy New Year


  4. …Searching email history to make sure I’ve not overlooked replying to any previous correspondence 🙂 …

    Without disputing any of your entries, I would add the following:

    IN: give your business to individually owned and operated restaurants when you can (assuming their product or service is of equal value).

    OUT: chain restaurants and coffee houses

    And above all – Here’s to a new year that is better than the last. Much love, always


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