Trump’s Revolution

Whether you love him, or hate him, whether you voted for him, or didn’t, close to this, his second year in office, you have to acknowledge that President Trump has created breathtaking turmoil nationally and internationally.

For those with short memories, while Obama was campaigning, and after he was elected as POTUS (President of the United States), American Conservatives, Republicans and FOX News went ballistic! The venom and pure hatred which they displayed, together with the lies and fabrications, caused those of us who had voted for him (twice, in my case) to support him even more. And during all those eight years, I was convinced that racism had a lot to do with it. After all, how dare he, a “black man,” now be leading the United States of America? The sheer audacity of it infuriated them even more!

And here we are today: Trump is now our POTUS – a white man nonetheless, so that blows racism out of the equation –  whom Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, Greens, Independents, MSNBC, CNN and our Comedians are pelting with an unabashed hatred and malice whose intensity surpasses what Obama was subjected to. Add to that sorry bunch Comey, Brennan, Clapper and their likes, all ex-FBI characters now intent on bringing down this President. Has anyone seriously asked Why? Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?! For those of you who might have forgotten, I did not vote for Trump. I voted for Jill Stein, a terrific person, after the Democrats and Hillary ditched Bernie, who was my first choice. And, also for the record, Obama disappointed me big time, especially on that very important issue of Palestine. I am waiting and not pre-judging what Jared and Trump have to offer on this subject. Fingers crossed tight!

Anyway, we are now living in a country that has totally lost its moral compass; that is extremely polarized and dangerously radicalized. The animosity pitch has risen to such an extent that it is going beyond Trump and has reached even those who work for him. It is despicable, disgusting and disrespectful to the extreme. I simply abhor injustice of any kind! Yes, Trump is vulgar, bombastic, a braggart and a spontaneous guy who says things that no President of a respectable country should say and Tweet. And, yes, dissent is very much in order, but not while sacrificing our responsible and reasonable discourse. What is happening is beyond a “Resist” movement. It has become out rightly revolting and purely vindictive. This is very reckless and perilous, and, yes, I will defend him from all this! Enough tit-for-tat!

In any case, and while the general media conversation is mere drivel, the Trump Administration is in the process of dismantling the Federal Government. They are methodically executing a serious restructuring endeavor: Merging the Departments of Education and Labor; farming out the Department of Homeland Security between the Treasury Department, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Housing and Urban Development; EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is being gutted, that same protective body which collaborates with our vaunted corporations through a revolving-door policy that knowingly underestimates the effects of so many chemicals in our food, environment and products? I did not hear any corrupt talking head and so-called journalist discuss these issues. Why not? Because they are busy talking nonsense. That’s why. Has any one of them, or the even more corrupt politicians, talked about how every State of this ailing union could become much more effective by strengthening its own state laws and Governorships according to its own needs and its constituent’s priorities? How the Federal Government has become too big, too intrusive and too corrupt to really be effective, and that, maybe, by gutting it, Trump is doing a good thing? I really believe so.

Regarding the immigrants, immigration in general, and the “Muslim” ban, yes, Trump has been ugly in his use of derogatory adjectives and the overall depiction of this issue. However, I am an immigrant who came in legally and followed the law, and my heart breaks for all those seeking safer refuge in this country, and especially for the children. There again, though, was this the “Aha” moment for the Left to capitalize on and hype and not when Obama, maybe less callously, did the same with the explicit knowledge of the hypocritical Democratic leadership? Nevertheless, partisanship aside, should we be a nation that simply opens its borders and lets anyone who wants to just come in – which is probably many millions of humans who want to be in America – with no questions asked? No laws enforced? No proper procedures? Where is the logic in that? Can’t we have an intelligent discussion about this rather than placing the whole issue on Trump as if he is the first and only President who was encumbered with the immigration debacle?

Moreover, the astounding negative stance vis-à-vis Trump’s overtures to North Korea, and now the upcoming visit with Russia’s Putin, are so totally against every peaceful coexistence mantra that the Left prides themselves on chanting?!! Their moral outrage against rapprochement is totally bizarre! How hypocritical! How banal! How war-mongering! And, yes, again, how purely spiteful! To top it all, now we have an open seat on the Supreme Court! My! My! How those stars, much to the chagrin of the Left, seem to be aligning for President Trump!

We, as a global community, have been following a template of existence that was put in place after WWII, whether that is economically with most of our trade deals and other financial arrangements, or otherwise. The main players who drafted this template were the colonial powers of past centuries, as well as the new post-WWII emerging power on the world stage: the US of A. However, this formula is not working anymore and shaking it all up, with allies and enemies, might not be such a bad idea if at the end of the day we can come up with a better way for this world to be managed. Realignments and reconfigurations are necessary in a world that is stressed and burgeoning with discontent, wars and injustice. A new blueprint for our coexistence might be in the works. Trump cannot take credit for this at all, because it has been in the makings for a few decades already. What he can claim credit for is bringing all the issues out in the open rather where they have been festering for too long. It is now up to the world community to chart a forward path that is better. Will we be able to do that, or will we simply provide new packaging for a defunct formula? These are the issues that our so-called journalists and pundits should be analyzing, rather than the hate-spewing inane conversations reverberating in our living rooms.

1 thought on “Trump’s Revolution”

  1. The million dollar question in “how?”
    What will it take to to chart a better way forward, as you say?

    We’ll need at least a couple million Hala’s!!


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