Shitholes Galore!

It seems to me that almost every other day, the President of these United States blurts out some words that send the world into a tizzy! I listen to all the gazillion hours spent repeating his words and commenting on them and I sigh with exasperation!

My question to our inane and corrupt mainstream media, as well as to every commentator puffing himself/herself up in front of the cameras and spouting off their superfluous opinions is: What’s New? We have been hearing Trump’s words for over two years now, and, meanwhile, the sky has not fallen . . . yet! Moreover, you don’t have to be an agent at the FBI’s BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) to draw his profile: he is Impetuous, Rash, Brash, Crass, Vulgar and Incendiary. Consistently! So, again, what’s new?

The answer is: Nothing! Merely that his every utterance and tweet becomes instantaneous fodder for the inane multitudes; advertising income for the non-news, gossiping, superficial, artificial mainstream media; and, another moment for one corrupt politician or another to stand in front of the cameras and show how indignant he/she is before getting on the phone to solicit donations (bribes) for his/her campaign! Hypocrisy galore!

Yes, outside the majority “White” inhabited world, most of our Planet is made up of Shithole countries. Trump is exactly right! Briefly, our President is not the first White man to believe this. Not at all! He just blurts it out tactlessly – as he does everything else –  while others are more sinister and underhanded about it, such as our allies the Brits and the Israelis with whom I have had firsthand experience.

The prevalent perceptions of the non-white world agree with our President, however, they also wonder, and I concur, whether anyone links (a very important and underused word in the English language) that Imperialist mindset – which is inherently racist and arrogant – with the consistent and systematic conviction that all of us black, brown and colored people are Shitty and that we come from Shitholes? We question the President whether he is aware that the hundreds of years of relentless Supremacy and Colonialism by White overlords, which have ravaged, sickened, impoverished and drained all those Shitholes that were occupied through the barrels of lethal guns, could have had anything to do with these conditions? And, that, moreover, we believe that our Occupiers were convinced that they had the God-given right to take over our lands while advocating, and often imposing, their version of Christianity? (I myself wonder what malicious god gave them this right, because I don’t want anything to do with that Evil, Wicked Being?!!) Nevertheless, our perception, as proven by on the ground facts that have been demonstrated for hundreds of years, is that Trump suffers from that same Colonist Syndrome, as do many, many others of the White political leadership – many of whom are still in our Senate and Congress, in the British Parliament and in the Israeli Knesset. Therefore, infuriating as Trump’s Shithole designation is, its basic Imperialist sentiment is nothing new, and it has been written and talked about by honest journalists and writers for decades. Besides, his latest adjective du jour has given me yet another opportunity to spout off my anger at those who have destroyed the Middle East; an anger that no one who has not experienced the generational evils of Colonization firsthand can fully understand.

Still, deriding people by voicing those insensitive words, sounds pretty offensive. We all love wherever it is that we came from. Most of us are here because we are Exiles from our countries. We would Not have chosen to be here had our nations not been in dire situations, mainly due to the belligerent and very wicked efforts of White Imperialism.

The huge farce that de-Colonization occurred in the mid twentieth century is exactly that: a farce. An illusion. While the foreign armies might have withdrawn, they were quickly and methodically replaced by corrupt local generals and politicians; by the CIA, the FBI, the IMF, the World Bank, USAID, Evangelical Missionaries, many of the NGOs and all those other nefarious organizations that are sucking the very life out of all the Shitholes. Yes, European Colonialism ended only to be replaced by American neo-Colonialism that has been rampaging unabated all over the non-white world.

What Trump said isn’t Shameful. It is not Shocking either. We cannot concentrate on the vile words and forget the entire history of Colonialism; the Superior, White, English-speaking, Christian (the White man’s extremely distorted version of it) doctrine that engendered it and that continues its unrelenting looting of the world’s resources with every bullet fired on the Shitholes of the world under the guise of killing its many self-created “enemies” who want to deprive it of “our way of life” and prevent it from spreading “freedom and democracy” while thriving on blood money garnered through the world’s impoverishment and anguish.

The real and imminent danger to our American way of life is our insatiable appetite for Greed, Power and World Dominance; for protecting our “plantations;” and for enslaving the millions of black, brown and colored people of the world while denigrating their cultures, languages, religions, traditions and humanity.

Indeed, America, your hypocrisy, misdeeds and screwed up foreign policies have left the billions dwelling in the Shitholes you created with nothing but hatred, frustration, anger, and helplessness. All those inhabitants of the Shitholes – except for the puppets who are your allies – hate you from the bottom of their shattered hearts. And, their abhorrence is increased exponentially because they know that they cannot stand up to the power of your lethal weaponry. How will all that translate itself? Will the ideological, patriotic, proud elements within the Shitholes of the world evolve themselves into a force that could, one of those days, stand up for their rights and reclaim back their nations? Or, is it more plausible that the salvation for this anguished world will come, primarily, from within the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel? Will your own citizens become all the more disgusted with your criminal clandestine behavior and demand that you conduct yourself better? After all, haven’t we all learned that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? Karma? Who knows, for the arc of history is a long and patient one.

What saddens me above all is that most of the citizens of these Shithole countries, as well as us Exiles, like and admire the United States. However, we are all being daily turned off by abhorrent designations and barbaric behavior. Why do this? Willful blindness, or a stubborn denial of culpability? Why continue on this warpath of killings, criminal behavior and disgusting attitudes that are only enflaming our Planet even more? It is totally senseless, especially when we all know that there are more peaceful and just alternatives for all of us, within or without, the Shitholes!

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2 thoughts on “Shitholes Galore!”

  1. Excellent piece! I really enjoyed reading it and sharing your sentiments.
    Bravo for another blog that’s right on.
    Thank you for giving us something of substance, intelligent and well written to read and ponder.


  2. Right on! The biggest shit hole in America’s Democracy is the corrupt media! I’m looking forward to the day those news-fakers, exaggerators, and fabricators get flushed down a giant toilet when Trump gets re-elected by the “people.”


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