With every week that passes by, I keep thinking that maybe things will get better. Perhaps Reason, Sanity and Balance would prevail upon this nation and the world rather than the confusing situation we find ourselves in, and which is becoming even more Bewildering by the hour! However, it’s not happening. To the contrary, it seems that the clouds on our horizons are darkening even more.

As I write this, I flip between our news channels only to find that CNN and MSNBC are absolutely, adamantly intent on impeaching Donald Trump. They have become zealously and very distastefully obsessed with this mission. In fact, a just-published Harvard study suggests that these two channels had over 95% negative coverage of the President. It is quite appalling coming from CNN with the untruthful mantra of the “most trusted name in news!” It is equally disconcerting when it is heralded by MSNBC with their arrogant, in-your-face “this is who we are” slogan! No MSNBC, that’s not why I watch! Balderdash! Anyway, I barely watch them anymore these days, preferring the FOX news channel (who me? Wow!), whose slogan of “fair and balanced” is much more truthful according to that same Harvard study, as well as my own observations. Even Democracy Now, a news program hosted by Amy Goodman, and which I have been devotedly following for years, has lost track of its fair presentation of the news and has jumped on the Impeach Trump wagon train! How disappointing! Moreover, the total marginalization of Melania Trump is starkly rude! She was so elegant and so regal during every appearance on the recent Middle East trip, but not a comment from the disgusting, bigoted Mass Media. Utter shamelessness! Again, I did not vote for Donald Trump. However, I simply abhor unfairness and deliberate vindictiveness!

As for our Congress, who, according to Gallup, are at a dismal 19% approval rating, they, too, have become obsessed with live, almost daily on-air hearings and appearances during which they posture and pose for the cameras in order to portray themselves as relevant representatives of the people. What a show! Would that they would be as avid in pursuing the people’s real issues! Rather than spending these inordinate amounts of hours deporting themselves over hearsay and innuendo, they should, as one example, be zealously occupying their energies on presenting the nation with a truly fair, just and compassionate health bill that disregards the interests of the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry, the doctor’s lobbying groups and their own greedy pockets while only taking the utmost welfare of all the citizens into consideration. Corrupt Hypocrites!

Our President went on a whirlwind trip to the Middle East (and God forbid that the corrupt Mainstream Media would show as much footage of his visit with President Abbas as they did all the other stops! Bigotry? Bias? Racism? All of the above and much, much more! It is just so terribly painful!) proclaiming America’s peaceful intentions and endeavors, while selling billions of dollars of lethal weapons to Saudi Arabia. And what a weird, screwed-up and dangerous relationship that is! The message I get – and one that I have been getting for a long while now – is that we will kill, and, yes, including the “babies” that our President was so moved about, destroy, uproot and bomb our way into our version of peace. How does that make any sense? How can it be reasonable, or acceptable? How does filling our coffers with blood money be justified as peaceful? It simply cannot! We should just stop this charade, this farce! Enough inhumane agony for that part of the world! It is so brutal! Uncivilized, to say the very least.

Meanwhile, the hackers and cyber criminals are busy every second with inventing newer and better malware and other cyber weapons. At some point, a tragedy is going to occur that will affect each and every one of us. That kind of terrorism would be much more deadly than what happened in Manchester, tragic as that was. Terrifying!

After my blood pressure goes up enough, I go back to watching one or the other of the “Law & Order” reruns. At least, in that world, the “perps” and the felons get nabbed and punished, the prosecutors and the detectives are pursuing their mission ethically and morally, and Right and Wrong have not been mangled and warped as they have by our mainstream media, corrupt politicians, self-serving corporations and greedy, unethical, immoral individuals and lobbyists. Yes, better to watch these episodes where Truth still means Truth and no one is trying to convince me that their Lies are the Truth; where Excitement over a story is far better than the Excitement in real life which has the potential of endangering and threatening my existence and that of the whole world’s; where, at the end of the episode, there is a fair resolution, which in real life these days is hardly ever happening as we all hang suspended not knowing where the next calamity is coming at us from.

During the past six weeks my whole system was totally – I mean, totally! – thrown out of whack. It all began with a flu virus that, at my age especially, devastated my whole body and caused my immunity to go so low that I became susceptible to one thing after the other so that I am still not quite all together. Our world has been infected with a worse virus. It is the Greed and Corrupt virus that has thrown all our institutional systems out of whack as they have never, ever been before now – not that we have been living in Shangri-La during the past millennia. However, the surreal realities of our chaotic world have discombobulated our daily lives, and their devastation is much more lethal than the flu virus that invaded my being. What could be the antidote for such a pervasive world pandemic other than Reason, Sanity and Balance which are in very short supply on our planet? What is it going to take to align our unbalanced world affairs and the politicians causing them? I do not see any hopeful signs! Do you?

Quite Bewildering!

3 thoughts on “Bewildering!”

  1. I agree with much of what you say. Impeachment wouldn’t be so bad except that we might end up with worse, but with a polished veneer. The whole so-called democratic system needs to be changed …money needs to stop polluting democracy, and corporate interests/greed should not be allowed to affect decisions impacting life on earth such as climate change (and pollution of land air and sea), affordable healthcare and good education for all, reducing hunger, income inequality, racism and gender inequality…


  2. I see too many emperors running around naked in this country. The president, congress, media, drug companies..all of them are not just naked, but their behaviors are bordering on pornography, trying to screw the world from every direction to fatten their pockets, personal agendas, and egos..while we all get figuratively raped.

    Breathe deeply dear Hala…

    I say “Let America Do Yoga Again!” That might bring the desperately needed reason, sanity, and certainly BALANCE!


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