Sainte-Nitouche? Certainly!

On December 15, 2016 I posted a blog titled: Sainte-Nitouche. Today, I am “lifting” some of the sentences and paragraphs from that blog and adding my comments on the frightening and very sad situation in our world as it appears to me. My new comments are in Bold:

In the Beirut of my teenage years there were a few daring girls who secretly dated at a time when relationships with guys were considered a strict societal taboo. While most of us knew what they were up to, they went about pretending to be the little angels that they were not. We called them Sainte- Nitouche – the Untouchable Saint, or, in other words: the goody-goodies.

As time went by, and as we all grew up, there were more and more women having more and more secretive trysts with men, while conducting themselves in society as Sainte-Nitouche. That nomenclature evolved over the years to encompass not only illicit affairs, but also corrupt politicians and individuals who went around pretending to be holier-than-thou when most people were aware of their lies, hypocrisy and corruption.

The latest American elections, and everything political that has been going on in this country since that fateful 9/11 day specifically, took me back to that description of hypocritical shenanigans. What then could be a more perfect description for the United States than Sainte-Nitouche?! Here we are – and have been for long – rampaging and warring all around the world, dictating our conditions, ordering countries around, upturning governments, assassinating people who do not comply and doing anything and everything towards enforcing our objectives at the expense of uprooting, maiming and killing innocent humans, as well as stifling the political aspirations and the human and civil rights of the overwhelming numbers of innocent civilians whom we choose to ignore and to trample upon. To date, we are winning! For who can stand up to military might such as we can muster?

When our President stood in front of the nation and posited his anger and sadness at the dead and chemically burned Syrian babies – “babies”, he said emphatically! – it was a moment worthy of Hollywood! But then, there have been many “moments” like this one uttered by Bush, Clinton, Obama and now, Trump. The starving Yemeni “babies,” the Iraqi “babies,” those in Sudan and . . . and . . . those are not of any consequence. Where our government is concerned there are “babies” worth shooting missiles for, and then there are “babies” worth not a red cent! How does one logically explain this? No one possibly can! Except to say that Sainte-Nitouche needs to flex muscles now and then and to show China and Russia who’s boss on this planet! The “babies?” They are merely a convenient prop!

Kim, the President of North Korea is a megalomaniac. He killed his own Uncle, probably had his own brother killed as well, and maybe others too. He is not the first, or the last tyrant on the face of this planet. However, it seems that North Korea might be worth igniting a World War over. After all, it is not North Korea that is really the threat. We are putting China and Russia on notice: It will be our way, or the highway! Period! And it is as dangerous as it can ever get! No exaggeration!

Much the same as the illicit affairs and the corrupt politicians and individuals in Beirut, the militarily powerful aggressor governments of the US, UK and Israel – that really dangerous Axis of Evil in our chaotic world today – are going about pretending to be what many people on the planet now realize is a huge charade! How very comically tragic!

As another example, one has to simply sit in front of the corporate Idiot Tube for a day, surfing from one corrupt, untrustworthy mainstream news channel to another to see for themselves how the nauseating and shameless so-called journalists and reporters are conducting themselves; the lies they spew; the utter sensationalism, superficiality and gossip they seem so serious about; the inane talking points that they parrot – I mean, how humiliating is that by itself – while pretending to be smart analysts and unbiased news imparters! Most are so puffed up; so full of themselves; such empty gas bags! How utterly despicable and quite laughable, really! The “mother-of-all-bombs” that was dropped on Afghanistan was a telling moment in which our so-called hypocritical, lying-through-their-teeth so-called journalists decided that Trump had just become “Presidential!!” Seriously? Really? Dropping bombs makes Trump Presidential? Have they no self-respect? No integrity? No professional pride? Dismal!

As for the shambles that is the Democratic Party these days, how can they not realize that they have no legs to stand on anymore when they talk about the “middle class,” “equality,” “justice” and all those other ideals that Hillary blew away with her support of Wars and Corporations? And now, Obama it seems is calling in his chips after eight years of supporting those same wars, multi-national corporations and Wall Street bosses. He’s going to make out like a bandit and to hell with Principles and Ideals! How utterly pathetic!

Nevertheless, and despite their parading around as Sainte-Nitouche, the aggressor governments, as well as the avaricious multi-national corporations of the world have become too obviously undemocratic and self-serving, too greedy and corrupt to the core. They can pretend to be Sainte-Nitouche, but many are too aware of the fact that they really are not! No, their methods are not sustainable. Sainte-Nitouche? Certainly! And for the moment!

1 thought on “Sainte-Nitouche? Certainly!”

  1. And they marched by the millions in their pink pussy hats yelling “Resist!”…feh! It’s all just a media circus of non-issues. When innocent blood is spilled, the silence deafens in this sorry country.


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