Pathetically Laughable!

If I were an alien from an intelligent sphere studying Planet Earth, what do you suppose would I be thinking? If you were an ET (Extra Terrestrial) what would you think?

To begin with, I would think that the political leaders of the world have become totally unhinged, which is truly and pathetically laughable were it not for the fact that their total ineptness has – and is – leaving millions of human beings either dead, maimed, uprooted, raped, kidnapped, traded and/or poverty-stricken, as well as entire nations in shambles! And I would really wonder how, after all these centuries of experience and existence, is it even remotely possible that such incompetence and corruption could still exist?

Then there are The Walls! Should you enjoy knowing about Walls, you can go back to Hadrian’s 80 miles-long Wall built in 122 AD. Its objectives were defense. Another theory says it was to control immigration, smuggling and customs. Sounds familiar? Yes? Walls were built around the ancient city of Jerusalem that did not prevent its being invaded, sacked, burnt, its women raped, its men slain on numerous occasions. In Palestine today there is the defensive Wall that Israel has erected to ward off “terrorism,” as they call it, and mostly on land that was expropriated: orchards and homes belonging to many Palestinian families. Then, of course, there was the Great Wall of China, which still somewhat stands; the Berlin Wall that was toppled; the Saudi-Yemeni Wall on which construction began in 2003, and which has not prevented anything, not even a devastating war going on as I write this. The US has a Wall between it and Mexico, which is kind of amusing when politicians threaten to build one that is already mostly built??!! How does one explain such ignorance of facts, or those that lap it up? Even the United Kingdom has become part of this ridiculousness by erecting (in process still?) a Wall in Calais, France and paying for it, and there’s also a recently built Wall between Hungary and Croatia, all to prevent the hapless, uprooted, war-torn humans from “invading!” Did I overlook any other Walls? Nevertheless, it is all so pathetically laughable, because, at the end of the day, no Wall is unsurmountable, impenetrable or full proof! Somehow, or the other, people climb, or go around it. We build Walls between nations, forgetting that cyber space has no Walls at the moment and that all sorts of hacking, crime and even aspects of war are rampant in that sphere! Cyberspace tears down Walls, Countries build Walls! How Pathetically Laughable is that?

Politicians have even resorted to name-calling the “enemy,” whomever that is at the moment. As one example: Israeli settlers hurling slurs at, and about, the indigenous Palestinian population (which they have been doing for many years), and their Prime Minister who is so pathetically laughable when he says that the Palestinians, who are under a ruthless and suffocating occupation, are trying to “ethnically cleanse” Israel of its Jewish citizenry. Seriously?

The Philippines Duterte saying that the US President is a “son of a whore?” Really? I criticize the President constantly, many people in the US and across the world are also very disappointed in him, however, having Heads of State like the Israeli PM and the Philippines President resorting to such crass indignity is way, way beyond low and depraved! As I write this post, I hear that Obama was chastising Trump for admiring Putin. He was asking how anyone can admire a leader who invades weaker countries – meaning, Ukraine??!! Excuse me? Was he seriously saying this? What part of Invading Another Country doesn’t he get without his face reddening with shame? And there are other numerous examples of this infantile behavior! Are such politicians taken seriously by anyone with a functioning brain? How does one explain this, if at all? Can you explain it?

The depravity is so rampant and has become so endemic that I wonder how it could be rooted out? Here is a quote that I kept from a Reader’s Digest issue in September of 2012 by Bob Ingils, who was a Republican from South Carolina at the time:

“We get invited to a lot of receptions sponsored by lobbyists, but ethics rules say that you can’t sit down and you can’t have a fork. So the caterers set up standing tables and serve every food you can think of that you can stick with a toothpick.”

And there you have it in a nutshell! The ruling classes will go around every rule and law, twist it, squeeze it and turn it around on its head in order to justify their behavior and ensure that they will remain in power. How little they must think of the “people,” of you, me and all of us! What flagrant disrespect!

I know! I know! It seems that more and more people are tuning out, ignoring the so-called news and the so-called reporters and corrupt journalists, disregarding totally greedy and unethical politicians, and forgetting the numerous tragedies and wars raging around the globe. Some of my friends don’t even read my blog anymore because they say that it disconcerts them! They would rather not know! How tragic! However, there are numerous humans who are becoming more involved, more aware and more willing to look beyond their safe and immediate cocoon, because they know that the bubble they dwell in will not always be as safe . . . as an example, there are viruses and as yet-to-happen pandemics from which none of us will be safe . . . there is the threat of violence from nations, ours in particular, and from ideologies that could sweep all of us into such quagmires . . . there are devastating weapons galore in the hands of nuclear nations and individuals . . . and the list goes on and on! Not knowing, not protesting, not voting for the right people, not supporting organizations that are fighting on our behalf does not make all this go away by itself! Freedom, Justice, Equality, Democracy and Peace are in grave peril.

I am not a politician, statistician, or any ician or ist! Yet, I wonder for how much longer will human beings tolerate these things? At some point, the pot will boil over, wouldn’t it? Yet, the State, Military, its Corporate Benefactors and those in Power are so entrenched that they might unleash their police and their armies to quash any dissent? This is already happening, actually!

Are you depressed already? Worried, perhaps? What will you do about it all?

If I were an intelligent alien studying Earth, I would be holding my breath in fearful anticipation of the ignorance and future horrors that are looming over that planet.

Pathetically Laughable!

1 thought on “Pathetically Laughable!”

  1. Yes, it’s soooo ugly, Hala. But you asked for an explanation about the president of the Philippines comment. Now I’m not saying that it was nice or ‘presidential’ of him to call Obama a son of a whore. No. Ya 3aybeshoom 3aleh! BUT in some conservative people’s eyes, having an affair with a man who is married to a pregnant wife and subsequently becoming pregnant by him before marriage…well…that’s a bit of a shlikkeh! :-p



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