Ta Da!


It would be lovely, wouldn’t it, if we could all put our money where our mouth is. In other words: Do what we Say, not just throw empty meaningless words into a universe that is groaning from their dead weight already.

So, when we get to this lovely old age that I am in, we Should – indeed, even Must – be in a position where our “Bucket List” has shrunk down considerably; that Bucket List that itemizes what each of us wants to be, to do, to have, and to experience before we expire. As you can tell from my post of today, I have now emptied another item out of my Bucket List, and it feels simply Great!

And guess who scheduled and accompanied me on this delightful adventure that turned out to be a priceless bonding experience? None other than my son! Talk about precious moments! He and I spent weeks planning, choosing designs, conspiring and getting hyped about this. When I went to his home that morning so that he’ll take me to the tattoo parlor, my daughter-in-law had bought me a very thoughtful gift for the occasion, hugged and kissed me and whispered encouraging words: it won’t hurt; you’ll be fine. However, she added, guess who has been nervous about all this since morning? Yes, my son was worried about his old Mum surrendering herself to this slightly uncomfortable process. I wonder if he thought that I would faint, or have some other dramatic manifestation of some sort? “You did very well,” he said when I was done! Proud Mama moment! It was all such extraordinary fun! And it made me think that we women should really do more of that “fun” stuff with our sons and include them in our light-hearted moments; they really deserve to see that other side of us: that part which we usually share only with our daughters and other females. It would make far better and much more realistic relationships between us. How on earth had this not even dawned on me till now?! Duh! However, better late than never! And, as terrific as my tattoo experience was, having my son sharing in the preparations prior, our delightful conversation on the way, and his hovering around me, slightly anxious, during the entire process, was simply incredible!

Anyway, to go back to that Bucket List: If you believe in Peace (or anything else that you feel strongly about) then put your money where your mouth is!

Talk about it!

Write about it!

Preach it!

Flaunt it!

Support it!

Live it!

And if there’s anything you really, really love to do (as long as it in the realm of the possible, right?) then go ahead and do it!

So what’s in YOUR Bucket List? And what are you waiting for to begin tackling it? Yalla!

So let’s just go do it! Carpe Diem! C’mon!

Ta Da!!

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4 thoughts on “Ta Da!”

  1. Love this!
    Not to burst your bucket, but .you have a better chance of John Stewart interviewing you than traveling to a free Palestine. Still, inshallah!! And you know what they say about tattoos? You never stop at one 😉 So now you got me looking out for your “Ta-Da II” post 😉


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