Civil Society

In case you missed it, we are going to go after IS with everything that we’ve got and we will follow them to the gates of hell if need be because, they are the most dangerous criminals on the face of the planet!!

One of the cornerstones of our decision – there are a few! – was the beheading – brutal and tragic as it was – of two American journalists.


However: “The Palestinian General Federation of Private Radio and Television Stations said on 4 September that the Israeli army killed seven media reporters during the month of August, bringing the total number of journalists killed during Israel’s war on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to 17. In a statement, the Federation called to form international committees to investigate Israel’s targeting of journalists and media workers in the Palestinian Territory.” (www.middleeastmonitor.com)

I took this Unbreaking news item from the website of the UN Platform for Palestine, News section of Friday, 5 September 2014. (www.unpfp.un.org)

Does anyone believe that Any punishment will be incurred by Israel for the killing of these journalists? Does Anyone believe that Anything will be done in that regard?

Don’t hold your breath!

And to all the mainstream journalists spewing the drivel, gossip and empty talk they call journalism, I ask: why don’t you consider this Breaking News? Why haven’t you talked and talked and talked about that until you are as blue in the face as you are when you talk of the TWO AMERICANS? Aren’t these other media colleagues important to you? And why not?

And the answer is: because they are not American and because the killer is the Israeli army. Ach so! Forgive me for being such an idiot and not getting this! I should understand after all this time, all the experience, all the events that have colored my life that there is no Human Life more important than an Israeli or a White American Life. Whether that Life is a Soldier, a Journalist, a Politician, or Any Human Life it is of Paramount Importance. We will Avenge, Revenge, Kill, Murder, Invade, Occupy, Demolish, Raze and do Whatever to show The World that This Shall Not Stand!!! But, You, Rest of the World, your Life isn’t anywhere near as valuable! Not a bit! We – The US and Israel – will kill your children, your women, your freedom fighters, your journalists, your politicians and Anyone we please, whenever and wherever we choose to do so. And should you protest, we will keep hammering you until you succumb!

That our US Representative to the UN, Samantha Power, can choke back on her tears for the downing of the Malaysian Airlines plane on which there were “children” – devastating and tragic as that incident was – and not be able to utter a word of consolation for Gaza’s Palestinian children, other than that Israel is defending itself from Hamas, is way beyond – way, way beyond – hypocrisy! Were those hundreds of dead Palestinian children Hamas?! How is this acceptable? Someone please explain Why??!! Or is it – like many other such utterances and behaviors – deliberate? Was that deliberate, Samantha Power?

The West can talk incessantly about the beheadings executed by IS, but not a word about the white phosphorous, the flechettes and other lethal ordnance being used by Israel on the Palestinians of Gaza? Really?

I can cry and shout Hypocrisy, Discrimination, Unfairness and Injustice until I am hoarse and blue in the face. Nothing is going to change at the moment.

Why not?

Very simply, it is because what we call Civil Society seems to be a humongous farce; a chimera, perhaps; a mirage, possibly?

In my understanding, Civil and Civilized Societies – unlike criminal renegades like Boko Haram and IS – are those that have laws and rules about how people behave with each other. Where are those rules nowadays? In Civilized Societies that value the law people are respectful of their fellow citizens, as well as citizens of other nations. Civil and Civilized Societies do not Discriminate against their own people, or citizens of other nations. They do not discriminate against the feeble, the indigent, the disabled or any citizen whatsoever. Civil and Civilized Societies do not rampage into other countries murdering, burning and creating havoc so as to prove their power, open up markets for their products, steal resources and spread their version of political rules and correct governance. Civil Societies, Samantha Power, cry about All children, not only those they consider White allies!

Looking around in our world today I see No Civil or Civilized Societies. Nary a one! Western Powers are clinging with their fingernails to those tenuous freedoms they aspire to have, but that they have been slowly eroding as the War on Terror continues its march. Even the multi-national corporations of these same Western Nations, awash with billions of dollars for their CEOs and Shareholders, but scrimping on every half dollar for their employees cannot bring themselves to adopt a Conscious and Conscientious Capitalism rather than the ignoble practices they follow and that are daily distressing the lives of their own citizens, as well as the worlds employees, resources and environment.

It really doesn’t have to be this way at all! There are other methods and systems. For one, we can negotiate in a Civilized manner utilizing the organizations of our Civil Societies rather than simply blow the bugles and amass the armies to go to war perpetually!

For another, we can cease our Hypocrisy, Deceit and Lies that the simplest, least educated citizen of any nation on this planet knows about and sees right through! Western Nations, Multinational Corporations, Media Outlets and Mainstream Journalists are truly like that famous morality story “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” They are Totally Naked, and yet, they are the only ones who believe that they are fully clothed as the world’s citizenry looks upon them incredulously!!

There are wonderful things happening in our world all the time: fantastic innovations, incredible people doing incredible things, astounding discoveries. Of course, there are! And, while some have told me not to be as gloomy about our circumstances, I feel that my drawing attention to the issues that aggravate and sadden me and joining my little voice to the millions of others who are pointing out to similar Injustices and Hypocrisies, to the Lies and Deceit that suffuse our planet and to the extraordinary Unfairness with which our political leaders and transnational corporations are wielding their ruthless power then perhaps, just maybe, we might all bring about a better stewardship of our Earth.

We, the ordinary people, will continue to witness injustice until we emerge out of our Consumerist Comfort Zones and demand Real Honest Transformation and not merely cosmetic changes that are taking us further down that abyss we have dug ourselves into!

Until that happens, brace yourself World! It’s going to be a rough ride!

5 thoughts on “Civil Society”

  1. Great rant. Allow me to add a few rants of my own…
    You are right and the bastards are shameful but nothing changes. In fact it seems to be getting worse since 9/11.
    Anything is excusable as long as you declare that it is in the interest of national security. No matter how egregious. The media is not just in bed with but in the same underwear as, the powers that be. There can only be one official narrative and the few brave journalists who venture too far afield are ostracized, jailed, humiliated,…
    The whole shock at IS is amazing when you consider that IS has been around for years in committing killing ten times more people in Iraq than in Syria but it didn’t fit the narrative so the sheep at mainstream media kept quiet until they were allowed to tell the story that fits the party line at the appropriate time.


  2. I have two things to say…
    First, when it comes to beheadings and uncivilized “society.” America’s great Arab ally in
    the middle east, Saudi Arabia, takes the cake…sixty beheadings so far this year, but nobody’s ever cared.
    Second, there IS a civil society in this dis-eased planet, if you can stand the cold weather and weird seasons…ICELAND!! 🙂
    Oh, and one more thing…I love this blog!


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